Shibuya Matsuri Report!

There are festivals in Japan year round. Living in Tokyo, I often see festivals being conducted around me. It’s like there is one almost every weekend.

I used to think that a shrine festival is all about food stands and scooping up goldfish, but after coming to Japan I learnt that the main event is carrying the mikoshi between shrines.

In last weekend’s Shibuya Matsuri, there were several mikoshi paraded around to bring safety to the area. And in an interesting turn of events, I got to help out in carrying one of them around!

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Tamagotchi : Nostalgic Digital Pet

Back to the 90s or early 2000s, Tamagochi was known around the world. Every kid must have one small egg-shaped  device which contains various types of little cute monster.

Once we own one, we have to take care these monsters like we take care of a real pet. It was a big hit!!

Despite the booming of going outside and catching monsters, let’s bring back the first phenomenon that shakes the world with little cute monster.

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