Review: Helicopter Flights over Tokyo

Hello everybody, I am back with a new article. This time it is about the breathtaking helicopter rides over Tokyo.Before I start talking about the experience itself one word in advance: some people of our group were a bit nervous in advance if everything is going to be okay.But once we were in the air, all doubts were blown away, and we were mesmerized from the scenery in front of our eyes. But lets start from the beginning.Once we arrived at Maihama Station (the same you can use to get to Tokyo Disneyland and -sea), we went out the North … Continue reading Review: Helicopter Flights over Tokyo

Review : Sailor Moon cafe show restaurant

Hello everybody, today we come back with a review of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon – Moon Shinning Moon Tokyo – A Sailor moon cafe show restaurant that is open everyday in Tokyo, Azabujuban!You will see below how to book, how to get there, and what this activity is like. OK,let’s get started! First of all, do not mistake this one with other sailor moon cafes.This is the first Sailor Moon restaurant where you can enjoy a show. To get a ticket,You can booked via this website ; They have shows three times a day,I went to the 18:30~20:10 performance … Continue reading Review : Sailor Moon cafe show restaurant

Review: The world first original Japanese beef (Wagyu) Steak House Hama, and a basic Wagyu guide.

Hey guys! I’m back! Today I’ve come with the the review on my wonderful experience at the STEAK HOUSE HAMA. They are the world first original Japanese beef restaurant, and have enjoyed continuous high popularity since their opening 55 years ago! At the restaurant entrance, the manager first taught us about the meat they use, called Matsusaka beef. It is one of the highest grade Wagyu summarized under the title Sandai Wagyu, or “three big beefs”. The others are the famous Kobe beef and Ōmi beef. Before I start talking more about about this wonderful experience, let me share some basic knowledge about … Continue reading Review: The world first original Japanese beef (Wagyu) Steak House Hama, and a basic Wagyu guide.

Cherry Blossom Recommendation 2019 by SOYJOY

Yet another year goes by and spring is just around the corner, which means…

it’s almost time for the cherry blossom festivals! This blog will give you a guideline for trip to hanami (花見 / cherry blossom viewing).

Also, we’d like to introduce you to something that will make your cherry blossom season more special. Stick with us until the end!

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JAPANESE HOMEWARE Tokyo Tower, sumo wrestlers, the Maneki-Neko (that waving cat you have probably seen at one time or another); all these and more iconic Japanese “Cool” things have been transformed into fashionable items! Don’t forget to pick up some traditional crafts as well, all of which exude artisanal quality. SOUVENIR Right next to the iconic Shibuya Scramble Crosswalk is the Seibu Shibuya Department Store, where “Art Meets Life.” Here, you will find a wide variety of the latest brands in fashion, food and function. With its healthy assortment of trendy items, you’ll be on the cutting edge of “Cool” … Continue reading BEST HIT ! IN JAPAN (recommended by SEIBU SHIBUYA)