Ramen experience


Ever since I came to Japan, my all-time-favorite Japanese food has always been Ramen.

There is, of course, local noodle dish from the country I came from but it’s a different kind of noodle.

After trying many kinds of ramen, I found that, I like Tonkotsu-based ramen the most. So when my friend asked me if I want to join this ramen experience, without hesitation my answer is yes.


Ramen Tsukemen Roku is located near north exit of Shinsen station, just one stop from Shibuya. It’s also within the walking distance from Shibuya if you feel like walking.

Ticketing machine is right on the left when you walk in.


1. Make a decision of your menu

2. Insert coins or banknotes

3. Push the button

4. Give the ticket to Tenchou (shop manager)

5. Wait for ramen at your table

This is not what we came for today! Roku also offers DIY ramen (are you getting excited now? if not, then you should). Tenchou will demonstrate how to prepare the soup, boil the noodle, grilled the roasted pork and finally the decoration.

Shall we begin?

Boiling and draining the noodle is not as easy as it sounds. Actually one of us accidentally drop the noodle on the floor while attempting to shake the basket. It was quite funny to watch.

After that, we can start preparing the toppings. I think grilling the pork is the most interesting part of today trip. You have to place the burner in the right position, control the fire so that it’s not too high or low otherwise you will end up having too crispy pork.

You can add any toppings you like, egg, seaweed, sliced spring onion even spice powder.




Optional tour ramen experience is available for reservation at Tokyo tourist information center.

The cost is 2,500 yen per person (1-1.5hrs).

Online Reservation! Click>>>

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