Strawberry picking

Strawberry picking

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Strawberry picking or Ichigo-gari in Japanese is a fun activity to do with your family and loves one.

The idea is, you pick the juicy strawberry, eat until you drop and you get to bring home wonderful memory.

The season begins in late January until the end May. There many tour companies that offer bus tours from Tokyo. Strawberry farms are often located in countryside areas which are difficult to reach by public transportation.

2015 strawberry season is over but please stay tuned for 2016 season. TIC will update more information on one day trip to strawberry farm once the season is open!


This year, I took a day trip to strawberry farm in Yamanashi prefecture 3 times!

Many people asked me, why don’t you just buy strawberries from supermarket? Let me explain to you. The feeling is totally different. You can pick the fresh strawberry right from the tree and eat it right away. The taste of strawberry is also different. It’s much sweeter and juicier.

Hard to explain, you have to experience it yourself.


There are many kinds of strawberry as there are many kinds of apples. Each shapes like strawberry but the size, color and taste are slightly different. The common brands are such as Akihime, Amao, Tochiotome, Sachinoka, Asuka Ruby and etc.

Typical stawberry farm




When you arrive at the farm, staff will explain how to pick the right strawberry. From my experience, the smaller one are usually sweeter. Big ones are watery and the taste is less concentrated. (it’s not always true though. Depends on your luck!) Sometimes they will give you condensed milk as well. Eat the way you like!

Don’t pick the green strawberry, only the red ones. If you bring your kids, please make sure they don’t step on the strawberry.

This is Akihime, long and crispy!


Strawberry farm near Hakone


I tried counting how many strawberry I have but I failed after 20. Time limit is usually set for 30 minutes to 1 hours. So please use it wisely!

Price : Ranged from 1,500yen-2,500yen per person

Bus tour

(sorry the season is over!)

Contact Tokyo Information center for more information.


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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