Fruit picking trip : Enjoy Japanese peach!

The very first time in my life that I tried Japanese peach (or Momo in Japanese) was during my first visit to Japan.

I remembered the sweet and juicy taste of Momo very well. And since then, Momo has become my new favorite.

Summer fruit in Japan


Japanese peach 



Peach is the best in summer, from July to late September to be exact.

There are many farms surrounding Tokyo area which offer the  fruit picking service. You can pick your own Momo and take it home with you. You can also enjoy the all-you-can-eat. Sweet and yummy Momo is prepared by the farm owner. Keep refrigerated so you can enjoy it while it’s chill.

A reception, sign up and pay here




Many people asked me why bother going to the farm when you can buy Momo at any local supermarket.

Well, that’s kinda true;P

Born and raised in a tropical country, I am a tropical girl by heart! I have seen the mango on the tree, banana on the tree, durian on the tree… but I have never seen peach on the tree before.

It’s quite exciting.





The farm owner explained to me how to pick the right Momo. He also gave me a pair of scissors. I am allowed to pick 3 Momo today. I choose the ones I think it will be sweet (the red and soft one). Man I was not wrong;)


(c) Yamanashi prefecture




Contact Tokyo tourist information center for inquiry and reservation.

For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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