Samurai Training workshop

After having a giant bowl of ramen, it’s time to burn off some of the calories.

Next on my itinerary is the Samurai training workshop.

2016/07/04 We have moved to different location in Asakusa. This training workshop content has been changed.

Check out our new location>> here


Our guide leads us to the studio which is about 15 mins from Ramen Tsukemen Roku on foot.

When we arrive, a few staffs were there waiting to greet us. One is our Sensei (the guy on the actual poster!) who will be leading the workshop today. Another one is our so called stylist. She told us that she will help us get dressed and choose the weapon (sounds so cool!). The last person is the translator.

I think even if you can’t speak English, you can still understand just by follow what you see. It was quite straight forward and easy to understand.

Left to right

Sensei, translator and our stylist


Now it’s time to choose the costumes.

There are quite few varieties to choose from. They are not Kimoto apparently.

This colorful outfit must be the one for high raking samurai.


Plain color


and finally… Ninja costume!


If you are a fan of Naruto, you might be familiar with this kind of costume.


The whole process didn’t take long. 10-15 mins per person. Once you are done, you can go out and have a few snapshot while waiting. The photo taken will be used on the certificate (more like a card?) that will be given to us at the end of the workshop.

Choose your weapon wisely warriors!


Me trying to act cool;P


After we are done with the photo shoot, it’s time to get down to the real business. I actually almost forget why I came here.

We get to learn a few moves. How to draw the weapon and how to put it back in the case, how to attack the enemy.  Don’t worry too much, the swords are just long and heavy but I don’t think you can hurt a fly even if you try to. The blade is really dull.

Funny, I heard Japanese sword is very very sharp. Maybe these weapons are not qualified to be called Japanese sword;P


After we are done with the practice, it’s show time!

These are phrases that we have to learn (and pretend?) to use. Trust me, it’s not easy as it might sounds.

I think I embarrassingly say it wrong at least 3 times.


Everyone seems to have a good time though.


No one is harm during the practice whatsoever 😛 😛 😛


3 hours later, we are totally drained.

This studio also offer Katana exercise, a very hard core samurai style work out. I have never tried it myself but I would love to one day.

A group photo

We are not qualified to be Samurai!


A short video clip to sum up the workshop today.

Please contact Tokyo tourist information center for inquiry and reservation!

For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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