Ramadan in Tokyo , cultural exchange experience

did you spend the holy Ramadan Month outside your country before ? in Non Islamic Country what are the  Muslims citizens doing and how they spend their Time there ? Lets tell you about an experience about the Fasting in Tokyo for one Muslim person .
in All Japan there are more than 45.000 Muslims live and work . most of them live and work in the Capital Tokyo . so its not strange to find several Islamic Mosques to pray and exchange their life stories and know each other .
there are 4 big Mosques in Tokyo which gather All Muslims living there .
1- Tokyo Camii (Turkish Cultural Center)
2- Arab Islamic Institute (Saudi Arabia Arabic Language Institute)
3 – Otsuka  Mosque (built by Pakistani community in Japan)
4 – Okachi-Machi Mosque (built by Bangladesh community in Japan)
ALL Muslims in Tokyo go to pray and take Iftar with other Muslims in those Mosques during Ramadan Month . every day they go to their Work or Study as usual and before the Sunset (Iftar Time) they try to reach the Iftar and Sunset (Maghrib Pray) .
We will show you the experience of one Muslim who visited those 4 Mosques several Times in Ramadan

1 – Tokyo Camii (Turkish Cultural Center) the Building and the Atmosphere gives you the feeling that you are in the Otthman Turkey Empire . the Mosque offers in Ramadan the Iftar for All even for Non Muslims . every day after Maghrib Pray all people can eat together which consider a very value Cultural exchange with several nationality from several Islamic countries . The Mosque is located in Heart of Tokyo , so a lot of Muslims prefer to go there because its easy access
Also there is in the ground floor the Turkish cultural Central which teach about the History and the Cultural of Turkey from the Otthman Period till the Present .

® 3Tokyo Camii

® 2

Photo is taken from Tokyo Camii (Facebook)

2 – Arab Islamic Institute (Saudi Arabia Arabic Language Institute) an arabic Language Institute and a big Mosque too . every day in Ramadan the Muslims gather there to pray and take Iftar together . you can realize the Arabian Art in the Building and the Arabian taste in the food too . the Arabic Islamic Institute is located  near Roppongi which is famous of the fashion shopping Malls and Restaurants .
The Arabian community and those who working or live near of this area , also the Japanese people who has interesting about the Arabian cultural go there to discover a historical and a different Cultural .

Saudi 2Saudi 1

3- Otsuka Mosque :
 a lot of Pakistani and Indian Muslims prefer to spend their Ramdan Pray in this Mosque . the Speech after Pray is Pakistani Language (English Translate)  and sure the food has the Indian Soul and several taste of Curry . you can feel the simply and know a new cultural .

Otsuka 2Otsuka 1

photo is taken from Otsuka Masjid facebook Page

4- Okachi-Machi Mosque : this Mosque is built by Bangladesh  community in Japan and donated by Malaysia and Saudi Arabia Government . the Atmosphere is similar to Otsuka Mosque but there also here a Cultural Center to provide the Information to the Japanese people who wants to know more about Islam . sure you can find the Bangladesh food cultural in this Mosque .photo is taken by Okachi-Machi Facebook Page

If the chimachi 2If the chimachi 1

Why the Muslims Citizens should go to pray and Iftar in the Mosque in Ramdan ?
most of Muslims citizens in Japan want to spend Ramadan as they were spending it in their home Lands .
in their home Lands they used to take the Iftar with their family or friends and try to make the same habits and manners in any foreign country they live .. we can call that ( they search for their own Identity )
the search for Identity has a several perspectives , most important of it to keep your religion Identity which you can find it without any problems in Tokyo .
why you don’t try to spend one Ramadan Month in your Life inside Japan ?
It will be unforgettable Ramadan here … try it !!


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact tic-tokyo@his-world.com or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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