Finding Halal Food in Tokyo

When a Muslim person travels or decides to live abroad, especially to a non-Islamic country, the most important thing he/she thinks about is how to find halal food restaurants.

In the last 10 years, population of Muslims living in Japan has increased significantly. Many of the Muslims living in Japan come from Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and from the Middle East.

Many also cannot speak or read Japanese, and thus they have a difficulties to know if food is halal or not. Therefore, a lot of Muslim people prefer to eat vegetarian meals during their travel to Japan or to other non-Islamic countries.

Muslims who live in Tokyo can find Halal Meat easily in several places, such as Shin-Okubo Market or Ikebukuro Market and also online.

shot 2
Juicy beef!
shot 3
Japanese udon noodles, yum!

But if you come to Japan for a short visit for business or travel, you might not have the time to cook for yourself. As a result, you will need to know where you can eat safely without feeling anxious about pork and alcohol.

Firstly, let’s learn some useful Japanese words to say in Non-Halal Restaurants to avoid eating alcohol and pork! Before ordering, remember to bring these words up to the waiter.

Pork = Hamu = Bacon = Katsu = Buta Niku (in Japanese)
Lard = Raado (pork fat)
Rice wine = Mirin (used in sweets)
Alcohol  = Arukohouru

There are also many halal-friendly restaurants within Tokyo, so you don’t have to worry when you visit Japan. You can enjoy the amazing traditional culture and picturesque nature of Japan, whilst being absolutely sure that you can enjoy healthy and delicious Halal food here!

shot 1
Japanese set meal (teishoku) with wheat rice


shot 4
Looks delicious!



shot 5
Warabi-mochi with kinako (soybean powder) and syrup
shot 6
Blueberry ice cream and pancakes

For optional tour reservations and inquiries, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information centers in Tokyo.

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5 thoughts on “Finding Halal Food in Tokyo

  1. better choose foods that are known only, but if forced to try to ask the seller if there is an element of the forbidden animals such as pigs or other animals, or safer food consumption of marine animals are clearly halal , greetings for muslims in Japan , thanks

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  2. Now, Japan more friendly for Muslim tourist. you can find Halal food in Tokyo easier than before. I have recommendation also about Halal food in Tokyo. who wanna try to eat Ramen in Japan, you can go to Asakusa and find Ramen Halal “NARITAYA” .

    Address : 2 Chome-7-13 Asakusa, Taito, Tokyo 111-0032

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    1. thank you for your reply . i feel the same . in Japan you will not have trouble with food because the Halal markets and restaurants are everywhere ….
      try to visit Japan soon

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