Narita Express N’EX

There are several ways you can travel from and to downtown Tokyo to Narita airport.

The cheapest mean of transportation would be to take a bus from Tokyo station, the ACCESS NARITA, 1000 yen only.

Departure point is either from Ginza or Tokyo station, no prior reservation needed. You can also take the bus to the hotels around Narita airport. The bus leaves every 15 mins from from 5.30am to 8am and every 30 mins during the day.

For more information, please check the link below;

As a budget traveler, I always choose to travel by bus. However, the risk is high. During rush hour, the traffic condition could be unpredictable (aka you might miss you flight). Sometimes I travel by train from Nippori/Ueno station. The local service takes almost 3 hours from my place…

Slow but sure (and cheap!)

There are other options I should consider, Narita express or N’EX (operating by JR). I have never taken N’EX to Narita before because I always have this idea that it’s expensive and affordable.

Well, I still think it’s expensive, but I don’t really have a choice this time. My flight is leaving at 8pm and I can only leave shinjuku at 4.30pm. If I take bus or Keisei, I can miss my flight. N’EX is my last option.

It’s not as expensive as I thought it would. Round trip ticket costs 4,940 yen compared to Keisei skyliner 2,470yen/trip (4,940 yen round trip), exactly the same price!

N’EX train departs from Shinjuku, Shibuya and Tokyo station and only take slightly more than one hour from Tokyo to Narita airport.

N’EX platform at Shinjuku station


2 seats on each side

IMG_7682 - コピー


Quite big and comfortable


IMG_7684 - コピー


This area is used to store your luggage. You can keep smaller bags (handbag, backpack) with you.

IMG_7683 - コピー

The screen displayed current distance to the destination.

IMG_7685 - コピー



Shinjuku-Shibuya-Tokyo-Narita airport terminal 2-Narita airport Terminal 1 (final stop)

IMG_7686 - コピー



This train is oh-my-god so clean. I took the 5pm-ish train so it was pretty empty and quiet.

To be honest with you, it’s such a wonderful experience.

The scenery as the train is approaching Narita airport.


IMG_7690 - コピー

N’EX platform at Narita airport



For foreign nationals, you can buy N’EX round trip ticket at discount price, 4,000yen only!

More information


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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