How to fit yourself in the train during RUSH Hours

Tokyo, one of the busiest city in the world. Busy city always come with Mass Rapit Train service. It is like a combo in order to keep the citizen to travel efficiently.

Tokyo Subway Route Map (Picture source : Tokyo Metro Official Website)
Tokyo Subway Route Map
(Picture source : Tokyo Metro Official Website)

Japan’s railway is also famous for its punctuality. Its like if the sign board indicates that the train will reach at 11:25 hours, onces the minute hand struck 25, here come the train in front of the platform. Are you curious of how they program it so precisely ? I was told that they count it by using miliseconds. So there are no excuses that you can make up like you are late because of the train etc.

But as MRT are the main ideal way to travel around Tokyo, which means that not only you are using, everybody is using it too. Tokyo’s peak rush hours are as below:

  1. Weekdays
    • 8 am ~ 9 am
    • 5 pm ~ 7 pm
  2. The last trains of main lines
    • Around 11:30 pm ~ 1:30 am

When you cant avoid the rush hours, here is some ways that I came up to a few ways to fit yourself comfy ( which i thought so ) in the ‘sardine packed’ train.

    1. Find a corner to slot yourself in.
      **** The yellow circles are the nice slots.
      **** The yellow circles are the nice slots.

      Points :

      • You are not blocking other’s way.
      • If the train having an emergency break or start moving, you have something to lean on or support your weight instead being thrown to the front.
      • For ladies, you can prevent hanky-panky perverts trying to take advantages on you.
  • Enter the train in a reserve walking way
    If you are get off the trains just a 1 or 2 stops away. Do suggest that you board on the train in a reserve way. Which means, you are facing towards to doors. As the train are already super crowded, if you are in the center of the train coach, it really take extra time to get off the train.
  • Get yourself a sit by reading the people’s emotions and gesture.As time is money, lots of people always try to utilize their traveling time on the train by reading, listening to music, or even sleeping. So look around, if they start packing up their stuff in to their pockets or bags, mostly likely they are going to get off at the next stop. Its time for you to move in front of that person’s sit. And stand by to grab a sit. during the next stop.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you find this article useful. If you need more informative travel information, please don’t hesitate to stop by our Tokyo Information Centre.

Happy traveling around Tokyo.

Brought to you by Tokyo Information Centre, HIS.


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