Standing eating bar

I think it is definitely a new definition of “fast food”.

Surely everyone have that moment where you feel like, “I’m so hungry but there isn’t enough time to eat!”. You can find this standing eating bar anywhere in Japan especially in/near the train station.

Typical menus are such as, udon, soba, Japanese curry and sometimes Onigiri (Japanese rice ball). You can expect to order your food, eat and leave the restaurant within 10-15 mins.

I am not quite a fan of this kind of standing eating bar as I prefer to take my time enjoying my meal. But sometimes I can’t really help it! I need to go but I also need to eat!

Sharing with you in this blog today…

“Standing eating bar” 


As you can see… there is no chair, not even one!

Place your order at the cashier, keep the receipt, the food will then be served. When you are done, please don’t forget to return the tray in the designated area.

That’s all.. very easy and simple.

Standard menu, Soba!


Seasoning (inc. wasabi!!)


Stay tuned.


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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