Recently, a friend of mine invited me to this really cool Japanese restaurant.

It was so good that I decide to dedicate one blog just for this meal!

We had “Matsu – 松” dinner set. The course consisted of 6 different dishes including dessert.

Appetizer, fresh Uni (sea urchin), Megaboo (seaweed) and Tuna salad (I think… )


First time for me to try fresh sea urchin (never really like it before, it tastes too chemical), with a few drops of soy sauce.. yummmmmmy

This is how sea urchin look like! 


Grilled sea eel (anago) with salt, surprisingly good (at this point I wish they give me some rice haha)


Next, Sashimi, the fatty tuna is the best!


Follow with Ni-mono 


I don’t really know how to describe Ni-mono in English. Basically, it’s boiled dish with soy sauce and Mirin (Japanese sweet sake use for cooking). Could be anything from fish, vegetables, tofu etc.

The taste is rather sweet so some of you might not like it.

and finally, 8 kinds of sushi! 


Dessert, homemade ice-cream 


The dinner was served through the course of 2 hours. You can order drinks with additional cost. I think beer and nihon chu (Japanese rice wine) goes really well with the food in this course.

(need to make a restaurant reservation? contact Tokyo tourist information center)


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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