Tokyo bay cruise

To be honest with you… I have never heard of this tour before in my life since I am not a big fan of sightseeing activity (more like a foodie lol)

However, I received free ticket to board this ferry from my colleague and decided to try out (it won’t hurt right?). This blog, I would like to share with you all my experience on board Tokai Kisen.

Tokai Kisen ferry runs regularly between Tokyo -Ise Oshima. Only during summer time, it offers special Tokyo Bay Cruising experience. The ferry leaves everyday at 19.15 and return to the pier at 21.00 sharp.

Once you purchase the ticket, you can board the ferry, enjoy the all-you-can-drink on board. Food ticket is sold separately. Personally I think the price isn’t that bad at all. Typical O-matsuri (festival) food price. I bought 1,000yen worth coupon and I think it’s quite enough for myself.

You can also use cash but it’s not recommended (too much trouble to give small changes since it’s so crowded I think)

The nearest station from the pier is either JR Hamamatsucho or Daimon (Subway). 


Take exit B2 to Takeshiba Passenger terminal 


Everyone wearing yukata seems to be heading to that direction, if you don’t have the ticket, please purchase here! 


Waiting to board the ferry. This ferry full capacity is 1,800 people. 


Once on board, we need to fill our stomach with food and drink; (alcohol included in the all-you-can-drink except Japanese sake and sparkling wine)








It’s getting dark outside. The scenery is stunning. 


The famous rainbow bridge! 


The paper fan is for free, given when we board the ferry. 


Dance floor on the roof top;)


and there is an actual DJ! 


It’s so beautiful and romantic. 


I would recommend this tour to everyone. Unfortunately their website only support Japanese (no English version whatsoever). Tickets soon can be purchased at Tokyo Tourist information center. Please wait for the updates on prices.

See you next blog!


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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