Kimono Experience

As you all know, Kimono is a traditional Japanese costume.

The word “ki” and “mono” means “things to wear” in Japanese. It has long sleeves and T-shape with the robe around the waist area called Obi. In the past, Japanese people wears kimono on daily basis but nowadays it is worn on special occasions mostly by woman only. Men often wear kimono at wedding and tea ceremonies.

Single woman wears the long sleeves kimono called Furisode while married woman. Kind kind of kimono is also more colorful than the Homongi kimono which is usually worn by married woman.


Furisode Couple
men’s Hakama and woman’s furisode



I had a chance to participate in the one-day Furisode kimono experience in Asakusa which I would like to share with you today;)


One day Furisode Kimono Experience 

Reservation :

or online reservation via hisgo <<click



We met with the staff, Honda san from the kimono house at 8.45 at Tawaramachi station. I thought it was very early but Honda san explained to me that, the later it gets, the crowded it will become. So if we want nice photos, we have to start early. It makes sense totally. Asakusa area is always very crowded.

Honda san introduced us to Kimono Sensei who will be dressing me up today.

Sensei explained briefly about the kimono (furisode). The kimono is made of silk. Although it might be a little too hot to wear in the summer, I still think it’s worth it. We won’t be wearing it all day long so it should be fine.


Sensei prepared 3 kimono for today. 


Hair ornaments and accessories 


These are the inner wears.



After careful consideration, I think red looks the best on our model. So red it is! 




First – Put on the inner wears. In order to hide your curves, the small towels were used as a robe around waist area. 

Then – Put on the furisode, always left over the right 


There comes the Obi. 


There are many ways the Obi can be tied. The process required a lot of skill. Most people can’t put on the kimono because they don’t know how to tie the Obi. Our sensei is doing an excellent job!

Finally, pick the hair ornaments.

They are sooooooo pretty. I love them all.


And now… we are ready for some photos. 




It takes 10 mins to walk from our kimono studio to Kaminari Mon. If you bring your own camera, you can take as many photo as you like. If you hire the pro, it only costs 3,000 yen for 30 photos (saved in DVD, hand over after the session).

The weather wasn’t so good on the day. It was very cloudy and looks as if it was going to rain. If it was sunny, it would have been better.

Very complicated looking Obi





It took the total of 2 hours today.

After the photo shoot, we return to the Kimono house, get change and leave.

It was a wonderful experience;)



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