Subway System in Tokyo

any traveler who travels by himself anywhere , the first thing he/she should consider and arrange is how to move in the traveled country between its cities and inside the big City .
in the wide countries or the Land which there is a big distance between its cities . so if the traveler decide to visit a well connected transportation country he/she could visit a lot of sightseeing in a short time with low cost
lets talk and compare with the transportation system between several Lands .

first of all i guess that all know that Subway System of London (London underground) is the oldest one in the world which entered the service in 1863 .. when i visited London for first time i felt the smell of the past in its trains and the Tube . but the London underground system is rather complicated and difficult to understand for
a while .
london 1

london 2

in Paris i think its more easy to understand because the Metro Lines there has no Names but only numbers , as they call it Metro number 1 , Metro number 2 …etc
in Paris there are 14 Metro Lines covering all 20 Wards of Paris (Metro 15 till Metro 20 are under constructions)
in addition to Paris Metro Lines(14 Lines) , there are (RER Lines) , which cover the Grand Paris from Zone 1 till Zone 8 (Suburbs of Grand Paris)

what about the most metropolitan City in Japan ? my favorite City TOKYO ..
paris 1

you might have an image that you cannot move smoothly inside Tokyo because of the difficult Japanese Language . but the fact is that Japan (especially) Tokyo has a very systematic and effective Subways system .

in Tokyo , NO NEED to ride a Taxi to visit the most main spots and sightseeing , but the Tokyo transportation has very enough Metro lines can do the task required to carry all passenger to the destination they want to go.

really when you ask a Japanese person how many Railways and Metro lines in the capital city Tokyo , a lot of persons cannot answer definitely . because a very lot of lines cover Tokyo and its suburbs.

here i will introduce some of the Tokyo transportation lines as i know and used during my life in Tokyo.

1 – JR (Japan Railways)

one of the oldest Railways in the world which entered the service in 1863 . the JR has a lot of Lines running in Tokyo , i can remember the most famous lines which several millions of passengers used to ride it every day.
A) Yamanote Line
B) Chuo Line
C) Soubu Line
D) Keihin Tohoku Line

this JR trains runs to the most main stations in Tokyo and also till the suburbs and to the neighbor prefectures.



Tokyo Metro network has 13 Lines (including Toei private Lines) covers all squares of the 23 wards of Tokyo.

the trains of Tokyo Metro are rather smaller than the trains of the JR , almost of its stations are underground due to the tight spaces of Tokyo roads .
1 – Maru no uchi Line
2 – Ginza Line
3 – Chiyoda Line
4 – Hibiya Line
5 – Namboku Line
6 – Touzai Line
7 – Yurakuchou Line
8 – Hanzoumon Line
9 – Fukutoshin Line
Toei Rails group : 
1 – Toei Oedo Line
2 – Toei Asakusa Line
3 – Toei Mita Line
4 – Toei Shinjuku Line

IMG_7681 - copyIMG_7683 - copy

in addition to the JR and Tokyo Metro , there are other private companies handling a private railways lines in Tokyo . for example :

ODAKYU Line : very famous railway line start from Tokyo and runs till Kanagawa prefecture till the very famous and popular city HAKONE .

in Odakyu line there is very interesting thing , you can find 4 kinds of trains in the same line !!

Local Train    (stops at ALL stations in the Line)

Semi Express   (stops at the little main stations)

Express Train  (stops at the main stations only)

Rapid Express  (stops at the very important stations only)

so if you have a chance to ride this line you have to take care if your destination is important or local to ride the right one and save your time .

KEIO Line :  depart from Shinjuku station (center of Tokyo) and go to west of Tokyo and very important towns and sightseeing such as Takao mountain and Choufu ..


the old people said before : TIME is MONEY . in Tokyo you can save your time without any problem because its very effective Subway System which you cannot find but in the Great metropolitan cities.

please enjoy your trip to Tokyo , and enjoy the experience of the Great subway system in the Metropolitan Tokyo .


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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