Yamanashi (山梨県)

Grape picking and wine tasting in Yamanashi 

This summer, I took a day trip to my all-time-favorite Yamanashi prefecture.

Yamanashi is surrounded by high mountains and many natural beauty including Mt. Fuji. Yamanashi is on the west side of Tokyo and very easy to access by car, train and bus. Since fruit picking is my favorite activity, I’ve visited Yamanashi many times in the past.

This time, I originally plan to go peach (momo) picking. Unfortunately, peach picking season is over this year, much earlier than last year, due to bad weather (too hot?). Instead, grape picking season starts early. Well, since I’ve never done it before, why not?

Grape picking at Risouen (理想園) 

It was a sunny day, 33 deg Celsius and the view is spectacular!


Arriving at the reception, pay cash here (2000Yen)



The mini bus will take us to the farm, 2 mins away.

Farmer explaining how to choose the right grape (biggest and darkest in color). Once you pick the right one, cut near the leaves to prevent the loss of water. After that, put it in the basket.

Everyone is allow to pick 2.


Is it this one? 


Or maybe this one? 


I am pretty much decided;) 


By the way, dogs are allowed here. Most people come with their children or their pets.

(ME: as a dog lover, it’s heaven!)


Now, the tasting time

As I mentioned earlier, the peach season is over this year. But there are still enough for tasting. The farm owner prepared a few kinds of grape for us to try, 2 different kinds of peach and of course free drink! (served chill)


Usually after the fruit picking activity, you can enjoy all-you-can-eat. I was quite looking forward to it… but unfortunately it is not going to happen today;( The package I chose was only for the picking and a bit of tasting.

Well, grape is sooooo sweet. Turn out, I can’t really eat that much anyway so it works out just fine.

The local product in case you wanna bring home (one case 1,000Yen)


Peach and grape juice (also very very sweet!)

If you are diabetic, I strongly suggest that you DON’T try this.



It takes slightly less than an hour for this activity. Next, we are moving to the winery for lunch and wine tasting.

Chateau Merican


Tasting size, 100 yen only! 


You can order a set of 3 for comparison too,

served with a little label with name of wine and year of production.


The view is superb! (as I said, this prefecture is surrounded by natural beauty)


Healthy lunch set 1000Yen


We are going to Kawaguchiko next.

See you next blog!


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact tic-tokyo@his-world.com or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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