Yurukara culture

Yurukara (ゆるキャラ)

short for ‘yurui mascot character’,  describes mascots represent events, campaigns or prefectures,. While the concept of having mascot for sport team or promotion event might be familiar with many people, but mascot to promote your hometown?

This trend started by Kumamon from Kumomoto prefecture and quickly expanded all over Japan.

Nowadays, almost all prefectures in Japan have their own mascot, and there is an annual ranking on their popularity.

As the representative, a mascot will appear on several events to promote their prefectures. They also appear on many merchandises and boost up the sales of certain products.

Me and my friend purposely bought this water only because Gunam-chan, the mascot for Gunma prefecture was on it.


Gunma-chan got the 1st place in 2014 Yurukara ranking

Beside the official mascots, there is Funassyi which is an unofficial mascot for Funabashi city in Chiba. Funassyi unexpectedly went rival two years ago. This pear is famous for its loud personalities and extreme liveliness.

My favorite yurukara is Ponta-kun, although it is not a prefecture representative but a marketing mascot.


Have you found your favorite yurukara?


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