The reasons to study Japanese Language !!!

Why Japanese?

Do you think about studying a new foreign language but you don’t have the motivation to complete it or afraid of inability to continue ?

If you didn’t decide yet the language you will study, we recommend that you study Japanese Language. Japanese language on of the most difficult languages in the world (at least in my opinion). It is an East Asian language spoken by about 130 million speaker primarily in Japan. It is a member of the Japonic language family, whose relation to other language groups particularly to Korean .
When I decided to study Japanese, it was only a hobby and I thought I would give up after 3 or 4 months. But when I made a little progress and finished learning the Alphabetical letters, I decided to continue to discover the mystery of the traditional Chinese character which called “KANJI”

The Japanese language has 3 kinds of letters :
A)  Hiragana   あ か さ た な は ま ..(48 letters).etc. which is the basic letters which are taught to the students in the    primary school.
B)  Katakana  ア カ サ タ ナ ハ マ … (47 letters) etc   refers to the words whose came from a foreign languages
C)  KANJI or Chinese Characters  漢字 難しい 大変 日本語 …etc . It came to Japan in the 5th century accompanied to the Buddha religion which came from China . the character numbers were over 40 thousand , but after the second world war USA forced the Japanese government to decrease it till 2045 used now officially in the government official Letters and documents .


so what are the reasons to study Japanese language and how to enjoy its study ?

Japanese Anime (Cartoon) :  called in Japanese Language (Manga) 漫画 . a lot of Japanese non native speakers have learned Japanese because they like the Japanese famous anime characters . the Japanese Anime is very famous and very popular all over the world . lot of people think that watching Japanese Anime is a very shortcut to learn a lot of Japanese vocabulary in very short time .
2) Japanese Cultural : when you study Japanese language , you should to study not only the language but the cultural and way of thinking . so after you progress in learning Japanese you will feel that you understand the Cultural of Japan
you will understand why Japanese people make a line(row) , why they respect the time … those things are in the normal cultural of Japanese people .
.3) Feeling Privileged : All Japanese People and other nationalities too know well that the Japanese language is difficult and a lot of people prefer to study a traditional language like German or Spanish . so when you study Japanese you may feel privileged and maybe this feeling gives you a power to work in Japanese company or make the experience to stay for a while in Japan .

4) The Japanese Travelers huge numbers
:  more than 23 millions Japanese travelers abroad in 2014 .the Japanese travel customers cannot speak a foreign language , so they need a Japanese speaker Guide and Japanese language assist every where , that’s mean you could use your Japanese language in your country and work in tourism field.
5) Learn Japanese Language teaches you the Patience : you will study the Kanji and forget it completely , and study it again and forget it again , but never give up . once you use it in a Chat or you see this Kanji in T.V or Japanese Manga or Magazine you will never forget it again . its very interesting thing to accept the challenge and can read the difficult Kanji Letters like the Japanese Native speakers . you will be very patient after study Japanese .
Finally , after only 5 years the 2020 Summer Olympic Game will held in TOKYO , so if you intend to attend this very big Events in Tokyo , or even via T.V , you should know some Japanese Words to spend more enjoyable Time for you.

See you next blog!


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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