Pikachu Parade <3

`Pikachu Parade`

I believe all Pokemon fans out there must have heard and seen many updates about Pikachu parade lately. The event took place in Minatomirai, from 8th August to 16th August this year. It was such a wonderful day. I did not expect myself to have this much fun!

I arrived at Minatomirai around 11.40 am. This was the first thing I saw after passing the ticket gate.


I headed to Yokohama Landmark plaza for the first performance ‘Pikachu Super Dance Unit Show’
I have seen Pikachu in dresses and other costumes in the game or anime but…seeing a big pikachu in modern clothes was a whole new experience!


I was surprised by how lively and active the Pikachu were, just like what we have seen in anime!!!

There were several performances and parade throughout the day.

Ballet, disco, and hip-hop pikachu, why not (>~<)


It was very crowded, with huge lines in front of almost every restaurants/ shops, but it is not like I get to see Pikachu on the street everyday!

I even learnt the Pikachu’s dance!


Pika pika pika pika~~~~

See you next blog! <3<3<3


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact tic-tokyo@his-world.com or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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