Takao Mountain

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today i will talk about one of the famous sightseeing in Tokyo . a most of travelers to Japan know only Fuji mountain as the symbol of Japan and one of the most famous mountain in the world .
but if you have no time to go to Fuji mountain and spend all your travel in Tokyo , you can visit Takao mountain near of Tokyo .
i will introduce you now my one day trip to Takao mountain .
Mt. Takao is located in west of Tokyo , 50 minutes by train from Shinjuku (center of Tokyo) .
to reach to Mt. Takao with easiest way , you should ride the KEIO line from Shinjuku station . if the train is rapid it will take about 50 minutes to arrive (Takaosan-guchi Station) which is the nearest point from the entrance of the Mountain.



when you arrive the mountain you can walk to the top , it takes about 95 minutes . but i recommend you to take the Lift or the cable car to the middle of the mountain and then walk about 40 minutes till the peak .
the Lift or the cable car costs the same amount which is 930 Japanese Yen for the Adult and 480 Yen for the child .

20150816_100238 20150816_134854
if you have kids we strongly recommend to climb with the Lift . its very enjoyable for them.
after you get off from the lift or the cable car , you should walk to the peak of the mountain for average 40 minutes .
20150816_101426 20150816_101430  20150816_101637

20150816_133404 20150816_133415 20150816_133908 20150816_13392120150816_101647

but not only mountain road , you can see a lot of small temples and many of restaurants and souvenir shops till the end of the road . so you will not feel bored while walking in the mountain .
when you arrive to the peak of the mountain (599.15) Meter , if its sunny you can see mountain Fuji and Sky Tree Tower . Also a very nice view of Tokyo and its neighborhood .
fter you take a rest in the peak of the mountain and eat something ,  you will go back again in the same street and you can ride the cable car to reach to the Exit of the mountain .

cable car


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact tic-tokyo@his-world.com or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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