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Hello everybody . today i will tell you about my trip to Kamakura City and its famous Buddha Great Statue and Temples .
first, we need to introduce Kamakura history briefly . Kamakura is a small city in Kanagawa prefecture 50 kilometers south of Tokyo . Kamakura has a beach which, in combination with its temples and proximity to Tokyo, makes it a popular tourist destination.

sure i will start with its access and how you can reach it easily and how to visit its all value sightseeing in short time .
if you will come from center of Tokyo , you can ride from Shinjuku station the (Shounan Shinjuku Line ) . it will take about one hour to reach Kamakura station , approximately 920 Jaapnese Yen .
after arrive the Kamakura station you should get out from the (East Exit) to start the Tour of Kamakura .
be attention that there is 2 exits in this station , so the East one will be more near to the Tour .

when you get out from the station turn left and walk for only one minute , you will enter a very famous Shopping street of Kamakura which called : Komachi-dori
you can find in this street the Japanese traditional Souvenirs such as Chopsticks , traditional fans , Japanese Foods , Green Tea Ice Cream and a lot of souvenirs . I recommend you to make shopping first , because when you will finish your tour in the Great Statue of Buddha , you should not come back to this area again .
After go straight in this street you will find Tsuruoka Hachiman-gu Shrine … which established by Minamoto Yoriyoshi  in 1063. (about 1000 years ago) . Today, Kamakura is famous for its many historical sites and places of beauty. Tsurugaoka Hachimangu is still located at the centre of Kamakura, attracting the respect and the faith of so many.
20150819_115929 20150819_120243
kamakura 2

kamakura 4
This Shrine is located in the center of Kamakura , after visit it , we recommend to visit another very beautiful shrine which surrounded by Bamboo trees .  The Houkokuji Temple …
its very beautiful place to feel peace and take a lot of photos , also to drink Green Tea with special taste . the enterance fees is 200 Japanese Yen ..
kamakura 3 kamakura 5 kamakura 6 kamakura 7
after you take a lot of photos and drink Green tea , you shouls take a Taxi for 10 minutes till the last sightseeing , which is the Buddha Great statue of Kamakura ( Kamakura Dai-Butsu) . but in the way you will see a beautiful beach very near from the Buddha Temple .. you can take rest there .
20150819_135141 20150819_135144
after take rest in the beach (if you like) , go ahead to one of the most famous Buddha Statue in Japan . The Buddha Great Statue of Kamakura .
the Entrance fees is 200 JPY , but you can enter inside the statue for only 20 JPY per person ..try to make this experience one time …
20150819_143806  20150819_143850
after finish this sigtseeing , you have no need to walk again till Kamakura station . you can ride a local Line from this
point till the main station of Kamakura .the Line is ( Enoshima Den-Tetsu Line) and the station name is : HASE Station .
only 3 stations till main kamakura station , and then you can go back to Tokyo with the same Shounan Shinjuku Line .
thank you for reading and i hope this information help you to make a good tour ..
see you in the next blog


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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