Onigiri (Rice Ball)

Onigiri, also referred to as Omusubi, is a triangular or circular shaped rice ball that is included in many of Japanese lunches.  Onigiri is probably the easiest Japanese food you can make since all you need are three ingredients, rice, salt or seasoning, and some fillings. The most traditional style of Onigiri is where you have Umeboshi or pickled Japanese plum as the filling.  You can find different kinds of Onigiri at various convenience stores such as Seven Eleven, Family Mart, and Lawson.

Onigiri is great as a fast and cheap lunch that can fill you up temporarily. From my experience, convenience store onigiri cost a little over 100 yen but no more than 200 yen.

Here’s some examples of Onigiri’s I saw at Family Mart.


Ume Onigiri and Salmon mayo, Tuna Mayo, Walleye Pallock Roe Mayo

(As you have already noticed, Mayonnaise is a popular ingredient in Japan!)


Fried bean curd Wasabi Sushi and Smoked Salmon Onigiri.


Seaweed rice onigiri and Chicken rice onigiri.

Why not explore and find the best Onigiri for you!!


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