Goldfish Art Aquarium

There are various forms of art in Japan, ranging from Ukiyo-e, Origami, and even Manga. Today, I went to go see a fairly new kind of art, created by Kingyo or Japanese goldfishes. It was breathtakingly beautiful!

Getting there was no big problem. The nearest station to the exhibition is Mitsukoshimae station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line. I got there in less then 30 minutes from Shibuya Station.

However, the biggest obstacle for me was the loooong waiting line. The waiting line to the Art aquarium stretched out all the way into the station! I doubted that this would be the line I will be waiting in until I saw a man holding up a sign that wrote 60-90 minute wait time for the Art Aquarium. My jaws literally fell off in overwhelming surprise. I didn`t think I will have to wait this long for an Art Aquarium. It felt like waiting in line for one of those popular roller coaster rides at Disney Land during the busy season. So, my advice to you is to get the pre-sale tickets before you visit for cheaper and faster!

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Once I finally entered into the aquarium, there were various fish tanks in different shapes and colors. The lighting frequently changed colors changing the view we saw. I was surprised to see the many different types of Kingyo’s. There were even those with bulging eyes and bumps on its head.

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Many of the visitors were dressed up in Japanese Yukata, as the exhibition combines the concept of Japan’s Edo period and traditional Kingyo together. Also, I think you receive a special treat if you do visit the aquarium in your Yukata. It is definitely nice taking a photo wearing the traditional Japanese Yukata with different goldfishes in the background!


The tickets are 1000 yen for adults (High School students and above) and 800 yen for Elementary and Junior High School students. This exhibition is open until September 23rd so be sure to visit before that! But if you don’t make it, i’m sure that they will open this exhibition next year so make sure to visit!


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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