Hachiko – ハチ公

This is Hachiko statue outside of Shibuya station in Tokyo.


©Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau

Hachiko, the legendary loyal dog, was a Akita-inu. He waited for his owner at this station everyday even after the owner passed away.

Hachiko statue became popular tourist attraction and meeting place. If you visit Tokyo, this is the spot you shouldn’t miss the chance to snap a photo.

I’ve been to Hachiko many times, mostly to meet with friends. You can’t miss Hachiko. There is only one Hachiko and it’s right outside JR exit, in front of Tokyu department store Shibuya.

Imagine if your friend asks you to meet in front of … let’s say McDonald. There are at least 5 McDonald in Shibuya.. that I know of. I don’t know how many more that I don’t know. It is very likely that you and your friend will end up going to different Shibuya McDonald and you will never find each other.

One day I accidentally walked by this Hachiko souvenir shop. It’s on the 2nd floor of Tokyu shibuya. Being a big fan of Hachiko and Richard Gere… You can pretty much guess that I ended up spending so much money buying cute little hachiko souvenirs;P

Hachiko souvenir shop


If scenery postcards are too boring for you… let Hachiko help!


Shopping bags


And even Japanese sake! 


** I found this sake on the B1 floor (supermarket and liquor store) of Tokyu Shibuya. As the sake need to be kept chilled, they sell it at the supermarket instead of souvenir shop upstairs. You might have to show your ID to prove that you are over 20 years old to buy this sake.

I bought at least 5 postcards and other stuffs that day. Just can’t resist!

If you happen to be in the area, please don’t forget to stop by at our Harajuku Tourist information center.


See you next blog!


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact tic-tokyo@his-world.com or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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