Family restaurants in Tokyo .. cheap and delicious

Hello every body !
When you visit Japan even for short time , and eat only Japanese foods ( although its very delicious and healthy ) , maybe you will need to try another foods especially western foods . However, the western food restaurants in Japan are few and expensive . Therefore, I will tell you about chain western restaurants which are delicious , cheap and available in many places in and outside Tokyo. These restaurants are called ( Family restaurants ) , because all family members can gather and eat there with cheap price. However, these restaurants are not only for families but also for students and salary man who likes the western foods .I will tell you about 2 chain restaurant in Japan :  Saizeriya & Gasto.

1 – Saizeriya  サイゼリア (since 1968) , became chain restaurants since 2008.

You can find Saizeriya restaurant everywhere in Tokyo . As a low-price restaurant, the chain has grown to over 750 stores.
It is mainly Italian food restaurant , so you can find Pizza , La zania , Spaghetti ,  Beef burger and a lot of western foods.
you can eat Pizza , Beefburger plate  with low price (less than 1000 JPY) !!


also you can take only drink without foods , the drink bar buffet price is 200 JPY (less than 2 usd )
20150829_203253 20150829_203302

and also offers array of delicious desserts.
20150829_202221 20150829_202224

You can spend a nice time with your family or your friends and eat several kinds of foods with very low price in SAIZERIYA

2 – Gasto   ガスと  ( French food restaurants )
This chain restaurants are western food with french taste . I think that the store numbers of Gasto are not very lot like Saizeriya , but Gasto has a popularity especially among the youth and students .
although its a french foods , but you can find some Japanese foods  there like seafood bowl and Salmon with Rice in Japanese style .

For me , I prefer Saizeriya more than Gasto . The Italian food is more delicious and rather cheap more than the french .

If you visit Tokyo , I recommend to eat Japanese foods first and you should make experience with another food culture like Italian foods (Saizeriya) or French foods (Gasto) .

See you again .


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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4 thoughts on “Family restaurants in Tokyo .. cheap and delicious

  1. As an avid watcher of J-doramas, I am quite “familiar” with family restaurants or famiresu as they are abbreviated but this is the first time I learn about the main franchises. Thank you for that.
    I have a few questions:
    – How are famiresu different from, say, Denny’s ?
    – Can you order the famous Omurice at these restaurants ?
    – The drink bars offer unlimited refills for 2$ ?
    – Which one is Coke only and which one offers only Pepsi drinks ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment and questions .. i will answer it as i can and as i had experience with this shops .
      I didn’t use Denny’s before although i see its shops in several areas , but when i see it i feel that its not restaurant but only Cafe to take drink or make light meeting with someone .
      the drink bar in Saizeria and Gasto offers unlimited refills for 280 Japanese Yen which means 2.2$ .. this price if you will take only drinks , but if you will eat something beside the drinks the price will be 180 Japanese Yen = 1.40 $ …
      in Friday night and Saturday the time will be limited to 90 minutes in Gasto but in Saizeria the time is unlimited , but the price is fix and same to other days

      Liked by 1 person

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