Japanese style fast food restaurants …

When we say fast food restaurants , at first glance you will think that its the Burger Sandwich restaurants (like MacDonald’s, Burger King ) or Pizza restaurants (like Pizza Hut, Dominos Pizza … )
But in Japan , there are Japanese Style fast foods restaurants ! Sure, the international restaurant chains are existing widely in Japan. but there are also Japanese style fast food restaurants.
In the previous blog , I wrote about the 3 main Convenience Stores in Japan, Now I will speak  about 3 chains of Japanese style fast foods which mainly offer Beef-Rice bowl (Gyuu Don) and Pork bowl.
Yoshino-ya  &  Suki-ya  & Matsu-ya

1 – Yoshino-ya  (since 1899)

when I visited Japan for first time in 2002, I saw a lot of Yoshinoya branches and a huge number of people were eating inside especially in lunch time. So, I decided to make experience and eat the Beef-Rice bowl . The taste was not bad , but enough for the salary man who wants to take his lunch with cheap price in short time.

There are several Menu such as Curry Rice & mix vegetable with tomato sauce & miso Soup and sure the Beef-Rice bowl . most of the stores are opening 24 hours .
Yoshinoya has overseas branches too such as Australia, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippine, USA .

2 – Suki ya (since 1982)

For me, Suki-ya is the best Japanese fast food restaurant . maybe because of its variety of menus . in Sukiya there is not only beef or pork bowl , but seafood bowl is very delicious , healthy and cheap too . over 2 years ago , the management is changed and the new director decided to change the style of seats to be not only counter chairs , but provided tables and seats for families and special menu for children.
From this time I think that Sukiya caught more popularity more than Yoshinoya . it was a great Idea from the new director .
New Management = New Idea = Change for better = more Profit.
Sukiya has overseas stores too . China , Taiwan , Malaysia , Brazil and Thailand.
sukiya 2

3 – Matsu ya  (since 1966)

For sure, Matsuya is famous too , but not more than Yoshinoya and Sukiya . Matsuya stores are rather few comparing with the competitors, The location is carefully chosen near of the metro stations.
The main Menu is Gyuu-don (Beef bowl) , but you can find curry rice & Salad and Eel bowl.

See you next blog!


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