Little Edo Kawagoe

Hello everyone,

Are you looking for an easy day trip in Tokyo? Kawagoe is the place to go!

I have been in Tokyo for 5 months now but I have not gone traveling so much because it would have interfered with my school and work. So, I decided to use one of my days off from work and school to explore Koedo Kawagoe (Little Edo Kawagoe).

Kawagoe has become a popular tourist destination for its architecture that reminds us of the traditional towns during the Edo period in 1603 and 1867. Kawagoe was a commercial town where the streets are lined with Kurazukuri or clay wall warehouse styled buildings owned by merchants. Kurazukuri houses became less and less common as buildings in Japan began to modernize into more sophisticated building.



It only takes 30 mins from Ikebukuro station to Kawagoe, make this city perfect destination for a day trip from Tokyo.

I will be back for more update soon. Stay tuned for part II.


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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