Japanese noodles …

Good day from Tokyo …
Today I would like to talk about one of Japan Food culture. Japan cuisine is famous for its variety so I’d like to introduce about one of it .. the Japanese noodles .
Here in Japan , there are many kinds of noodles, followings are some very popular noodles.
1 – Ramen
2 – Soba
3 – Somen
4 – Udon
1 – Ramen : Ramen is a kind of Japanese noodle , it’s made from wheat flour with salt and water . The noodles may vary in shape, width and length. One block of prepared ramen noodles has around 380 calories .100 gm = 190 calories.
Ramen served with clear Chicken soup and roast Pork

2 – Soba :Soba is a noodle made from wheat flour and buckwheat .Soba noodles are available dried or fresh.Ramen can be served with hot broth or cold with special sauce . It seems that Soba is the most  lightest at all the noodles in terms of calories and most importantly in terms of nutritional value 100 gm = 99 calories,very light and healthy.



3 – Somen :
Somen noodles are the most thin among all Japanese noodles . its white , thin made from wheat-based noodle .
Somen is served usually cold with dipping sauces although they may be used in soups and other hot dishes .
100 gm = 245 calories



4 – Udon :
Udon is a kind of noodle made from white wheat flour . Udon is the thickest kind of noodles and served in Japanese cuisine often with fried Shrimp or vegetables . 100gm = 320 calories .

shot 3

P.S : Spaghetti is lighter than Udon and Somen, 100 gm =  only 158 calories. But the tomato sauce (or any pasta sauce) has high calories.

If you plan to visit Japan, you should to eat these kinds of noodles and compare the taste. Personally I prefer Soba and eat it at least 4 or 5 times a week.

See you next blog!


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