Vending Machines in Japan

I’m so thirsty!! Oh hey, there is a vending machine! I’ll go get a drink!

It is human nature that people get hungry and thirsty but people are often not equipped with their own food or drink.  This is when vending machines get in handy. It is all over the place, inside train stations, on the streets, and inside buildings. Finding vending machines at various locations allows us to conveniently buy drinks whenever we feel like wanting a drink.

The vending machines in Japan offers a wide variety of drinks, from water, soda, coffee to tea.  Depending on the vending machine, you can chose from hot or cold drinks as well. I am a frequent user of vending machines as I love the different kinds of canned coffee they offer. It is also much easier, (and cheaper) to buy coffee in the vending machines since going to coffee stores like Starbucks can take time and get pricey.

The price for the drinks start at 100 yen for canned coffee and can cost up to 160 for big bottled drinks. Here are some examples.





These vending machines are not only limited to drinks. Recently, I have seen vending machines selling food, ice cream, and cut up fruits!!

Here is an example of a unique vending machine I saw. This is a Family mart in vending machine form. (Family mart is popular convenience store in Japan)

12000157_10206715076549744_1092419191_n    11992261_10206715076709748_1406512830_n

This Family mart vending machine offered snacks, bread, cup noodles, boxed lunches, and drinks. As you can see, since I went after lunch time, a lot of the products were sold out (especially the lunch bento’s). The people’s reliance on vending machines for snacks/drinks/meals proves its convenience.

There is a coffee vending machine as well that looks like this.


It freshly brews your coffee and you can chose from plain coffee to lattes, americano, mocha and hot cocoa. You can chose between hot or cold as well and costs between 130 to 250 yen depending on the drink you chose. This is a vending machine I would like to encounter in my sleepy mornings.

A street surrounded by vending machines are a common sight you will see. This is a picture I took in the cafeteria of a company.


What kind of vending machine would you like to see in the future???


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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