Shin Okubo , Korean town in heart of Tokyo !

Greeting from Tokyo .

Today I would like to talk about one of the famous towns in Tokyo, which many foreigners live, Shin Okubo.
Shin-Okubo is in center of Tokyo, only one station from Shinjuku by JR Yamanote Line .
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Head north of Shinjuku and the streets take on a rather different atmosphere. Welcome to Shin-Okubo, Japan’s biggest Korea town, and the go-to place for everything from K-Pop to kimchi.
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This town has a lot of Korean restaurants, cafes and sure lot of Korean families are living there. So many people here in Tokyo call Shin Okubo as ( Korean Town)
Shin-Okubo is a residential area with a high concentration of ethnic Korean residents.
Korean shops in the area include groceries, traditional clothing, book stores, popular culture and drug stores (traditional Korean). If you like some Korean products such as foods and tea, you might find it there.

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Why are there so many Korean in Japan, specially in Tokyo ?

Koreans represent the second largest ethnic minority in Japan after Chinese. Many Koreans have been in Japan for several generations dating back to Japan’s occupation of Korea (1910–1945).

Have you heard about the Shin Okubo station Tragedy ?
On Friday night January 26th, 2001 a drunken Japanese man fell on to the tracks of the Yamanote Line train at Shin-Okubo station. Two men jumped on to the tracks to save him as a train approached.

One was Shiro Sekine: a Japanese photographer from Yokohama. The other was a 26 year old Korean student named Lee Soo Hyun. They weren’t successful saving the man. All three men died when they were hit by the train.

The story became international news. The bravery of the two men was widely heralded. Many Japanese were impressed that a South Korean citizen on a student visa would risk his life to save a Japanese man. Relations between South Korea and Japan have been tense since Japan’s long occupation of Korea (1910-1945).

Cr: Japan talk

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But … not only Korean people and products . there is also something very important you can find in Shin Okubo!
its Halal meat , chicken , beef burger (without mixing pork) Markets and restaurants.

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When you get out from the Shin Okubo station , if you turn right you will find the Korean town , and if you turn left you will enter the Islamic area which including the Halal meat foods markets and restaurants .
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a lot of Islamic families who live in Tokyo make their monthly purchases , specially meat and chicken from the Halal Markets of Shin Okubo . There are also Turkish and Indian halal restaurants there .
Because there are a lot of Muslims working there , they have built a mosque to pray .

If you intend to visit Tokyo, try to visit Shin Okubo once. It’s a good place to experience authentic Korean culture and also Islamic cultural .

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One thought on “Shin Okubo , Korean town in heart of Tokyo !

  1. Hi there! Does anyone know if there are alot of stores there selling authentic korean beauty and skincare products or is it mainly food? Thanks in advance! 🙂


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