Sushi but not Sushi

Good morning everyone!

When we hear sushi, we think of this style of sushi.


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However, sushi can be eaten in a variety of ways, not limited to this one. The common ingredient between all forms of sushi are vinegar rice and seafood. The ingredients that may change depending on person is the condiments or filling used inside. Today, I will introduce you to some types of sushi that maybe some people are not too familiar with.

Chirashi Sushi, is sushi rice on a bowl topped with different kinds of seafood, eggs, and slight veggies. Many people eat this by itself with soy sauce and wasabi on the side. I ordered this tuna chirashi bowl where I was able to taste different parts of tuna for the first time. There were tuna eggs, tuna heart, and tuna fin all topped onto this bowl!


Kaisen don, is also another form of Chirashi sushi with different kinds of seafood topped onto rice. You can enjoy different flavors of seafood all at once!


Inari zushi more closely resembles a rice ball than a sushi. It is a round clump of vinegar rice that is stuffed in an Aburaage (deep fried tofu) pouches.

Maki zushi means sushi roll. They come in different sizes, as thick ones are called Futo Maki or Fat roll and thinner ones are called Hoso Maki meaning thin roll.

Sushi comes in different forms but they are all very delicious! Try ordering some of these at your nearest Japanese restaurant!! 🙂

See you next blog!


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