Lolita cosplay

When talking about Harajuku, we think about crepe, teen fashion, cosplay….

The other days, I have a chance to participate in the event with Harajuku tourist information center in the Lolita cosplay dress up.

To be honest with you, I have never thought that I would have a chance to do something like this (at least on my own lol). Wearing kimono and yukata is quite standard when visiting Japan, but cosplay dress up… Lolita, make-up, wear a vig… it’s not me! It’s too cute<3

Maison de Julietta, La Foret Harajuku B1 floor 




Everything is so little and soooo cute!


First, please choose the dress


I assumed you know that Lolita fashion is.. but if you don’t, here is the rough explaination.

Lolita fashion is a fashion originated in Japan, inspired byBaroque, Rococo and Victorian clothing of Europe. Today, Lolita fashion has globally gained popularity and can be seen throughout the world.

The typical style consists of a knee length skirt or dress with a unique shape supported by petticoats, but it has expanded into various patterns including corsets and floor length skirts. Headdresses, blouses, knee high socks or stockings are often worn. Also, Lolita fashion has developed into several different sub-styles.

There are 3 majors style up-to-date,

  1. sweet Lolita : pink is mainly used, white and other bright and gentle color accents.
  2. classical Lolita : Subdued colors are used and shapes are also less loud
  3. Gothic Lolita: Gothic style is decadent and mysterious ones that derived from ghost stories and rock music in Europe

(information from Ai Akizuki Lolita lecture)

It seems like sweet lolita is the most popular one. The dress I chose today is also a pink one!

First of all, pick your dress, shoes and socks




Then get changes, don’t forget to wear the inner top. You don’t want your sweat to leave a strain on the dress.


How do I look? Alright? 


Then the make up and hair do


Since the stylist suggested that I should go with the GAL looks (tanned and light color hair). At first, I chose the pink wig, however, I don’t think it suits me very much. I changed to this blonde one and it looks so much better!

Wig, fake lashes, giant head band… all part of the show. The popular make up style is more cute than cool. No dark eyeliner, light color eye shadow and very cute pink lipstick!

The other two models chose dark color wig, I choose the light color one.

Before – After … It’s like I’m a totally different person. 


Now let’s take some photos




If you don’t know how to strike a Lolita post, don’t worry. Our photographer can help you. He guided me through the whole ordeal, “look here”, “place your finger on your mouth”, “hold the teddy bear” “sit on that chair” etc. etc.

We got quite a few nice photos.

From the dress up to the end of photoshoot, it took 2 hours total.

If you only have half a day and look for fun activity to do in Tokyo, this optional tour is highly recommend!!!

Sharing with you below are some of the photos from the shoot. 




There are some more….




This model dress in classical Lolita dress. 


I think do this in group is so much fun! (and less embarrassing;P)


 Price: 9,800 yen per person


If you are interested in lolita cosplay,

Online Reservation! Click>>>

Look for More Tokyo Activities…Click>>>

hisgo bannner(EN)If you need more information, please check out our website or visit us at every Tourist Information Center in Tokyo Click>>>. See you in the next blog, Stay Tuned!  tic-banner-blog1copryrighttic_blog


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