My first shinkansen experience

Shinkansen stands for bullet train. It is one of the fattest mean of travel and so far, the safest.

I have always wanted to get on it for once and finally I was able to travel around by it during the summer holiday. Using JR Kanto pass, I headed towards Nikko and Tochigi prefecture. I only wanted to take the shinkansen so I did not plan anything in particular.

A trip on shinkansen is not complete without eki-ben. Eki-ben is the meal/ lunch box sold at train station, mainly eaten on long distance travel on the shinaknsen. Although there is no official rules saying that you are now allowed to eat on trains, you will not see anyone eating on board unless it is a shinkansen. I was amazed by the variation of bento at Tokyo station. They all looked very yummy and after around 30 minutes walking around, I chose the crab meat bento.


This was not my shinkansen, but my one looked pretty similar


Inside the shinkansen felt like an airplane. Toilet, comfortable recline seats, tray tables, power outlet, etc…If there were free meals and flight attendants, it would become a real airplane! However, unlike airplane, you will have spacious seat room and legroom, which promised a more comfortable travel.

Tokyo station and Utsunomiya station is approximately 105 km apart and it takes only 49 minutes by shinkansen. By 49 minutes i meant a sharp 49 minutes. My destination was Nikko and the surrounding areas so my trip was quite short. If I had time in the future I would definitely take the shinkansen to other prefectures!

See you next blog!


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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