Tokyo Subway Pass

Cheap subway pass

Many visitors did not know about JR Pass, the unlimited ride ticket on all JR lines (Japan Railway) including shinkansen (bullet train) and asked us if they could buy it in Japan. Unfortunately it is impossible to buy one once you are in Japan. However, fortunately, we have something else to cover you!!! The ‘Tokyo Subway Pass’

This pass allows you to ride on Tokyo Metro and Toei lines, which in short, the whole Tokyo subway network! The period of use varies between 1 to 3 days (consecutively). You can reach most popular destination in Tokyo using the subway. It is a cheaper and simpler alternative if your trip is within Tokyo.
Please check the legend in the map below for lines that are covered by this ticket.

You can of course, buy this 1-day pass from ticket machine in any subway stations. However, it costs 1000 yen each and only 1-day pass is available for purchase.

Japanese in Tokyo subway ticket prices.

Meanwhile, at H.I.S Tourist Information Center, we offer a cheaper deal especially for you!

Our 1-day (Metro & Toei) pass only costs 800 yen.
Furthermore, we also have  2-day pass for 1200 yen for and 3-day ticket pass for only 1500 yen!
Children (from 6-11) pass comes at half price!

Japanese in Tokyo subway ticket prices.

Tokyo Subway Map


subway pass1.jpg

From March 26th, 2016 Tokyo Subway pass is renewed.

The new pass will be 24/48/72 hrs instead of 1-2-3 days pass. Price remains unchanged.


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23 thoughts on “Tokyo Subway Pass

  1. Thank for the detailed information and the beautiful map !
    So if I understand correctly, this pass is for subways only, not trains that run within Tokyo. Unfortunately, I can see on Google Maps that there are some popular spots that have no subway access and other with no train access, so would you advise to buy a one-day subway pass to visit places like Asakusa and Tsukiji Market and, on the following day, get a one-day JR Pass to visit Odaiba, for example?
    This is getting a bit complicated, isn’t there a pass that we can use for everything : subway, train and bus ?
    Thank you.


    1. Hi, unfortunately I don’t think there is a pass that covers all the public transports because they are from different companies (that’s the complicated thing about public transports in Japan).
      You can access to Odaiba via Rinkai line from Shin-kiba station (Shin-kiba is Tokyo metro line) for 270 yen one way. If you planned to spend a whole day in Odaiba then I would recommend Odaiba pass.
      How many days are you going to be in Japan? I highly recommend JR pass, especially if you wanted to visit other prefectures as well. Most places in Tokyo are either covered by JR lines or subways so using the metro pass in conjunction with JR pass would be the best in my opinion.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you very much for your anwser.
    So If I decide to stay 5 days to 1 week in Tokyo only, I see that I will be able to cover the entire city with subway and trains.
    I searched online and found out about the Suica card, I think it seems to cover both subways and trains, do you sell them ?


    1. Suica is pre-paid card. You can buy them at any machine at JR station.
      The subway pass we sell is the all-you-can-ride type. Unlimited ride on Subway and Toei line for 1-2-3 days.
      You can use this pass on JR line though. The fee must be paid separately.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi

    I would like to know if I can purchase the Tokyo metro pass (24,48,72 hrs) in Osaka? I’m about to leave Canada shortly. Also can I purchase such a pass if I’m an independent traveler and not using any travel agency to book my travel arrangements?


  4. Sorry but I forgot to ask if I can purchase such Tokyo metro pass either in Kyoto but also in Tokyo itself? I’m a bit confused as this link mentioned that you can’t purchase it in Tokyo but then I found a section that mentioned one can purchase it at Bic Camera or Loax as well as two HIS office in Shinjuku and Ginza. I just really want a confirmation about purchasing a few 72-hr tokyo metro passes.


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