Soft Served Ice Cream

Soft Served Ice Cream, or what the Japanese call Soft Cream (ソフトクリーム), is a very popular snack during the hot and humid summer days in Japan.Vanilla, Chocolate and Green Tea are the more common flavors for Soft Cream, but many places offer fruity, fishy, and other interesting flavors.


Many popular tourist destinations offer unique flavors of Soft Cream using ingredients famous in that area.

For example, I went to Enoshima and they are famous for whitebait. That was one of the flavors that they offered at this Soft Cream shop.

Other than that, there were some of the other unique flavors that I was very intimidated to try. While some sounded very tasty, others sounded like it was not fit to be a soft cream flavor. It definitely is worth a try though!!


First Row

Corn (with bits of Corn)

Strawberry Milk

Chocolate Banana Milk

Tofu Milk

Sesame Seeds Milk

Vanilla Milk

Salty Milk

Mozuku Seaweed Milk

Jelly Fish


Second Row

Plum Sherbet

Japanese Mustard

Japanese Horseradish

Japanese Soybeans

Raw Chocolate

White Coffee

Black Bean Kinako (Roasted Soybean Flour)

Black Sesame

Black Vanilla

Doburoku (refined Sake)

Japanese Sake

Third Row

White Peach Sherbet

Apple Juice Sherbet

Summer Orange Sherbet

Wild Grape Sherbet




Interesting, isn’t it?

See you next blog!


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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