Nikko and Kuroiso trip


To be honest, for some reason I am no longer a huge fan of popular tourist destination. I noticed myself searching for ‘unpopular place in Japan’ instead of looking for popular destination. However, since I bought the JR Kanto pass, it would not do any harm to visit the world heritage Nikko.

I went to Nikko last month during the summer holiday. Nikko is less than 2 hours away from Tokyo and was such a great way to escape from Tokyo’s summer heat. I am not really interested in temples so I just spent time strolling around Nikko. The most economical way to visit all Nikko’s famous spot is getting the 500yen bus pass (the World heritage pass) at the station. Lucky it wasnt crowded on the day so I was able to enjoy myself more than I expected.

Shinkyo bridge

Shinkyo bride is my favorite spot among the rests, mostly because of its beauty.The whole area was immensely green with an elegant touch of red from the bridge.

After that, I decided to take a walk to further enjoy the wonderful weather and nature in Nikko.


Many places in Nikko sell soba and other food with ‘yuba’ which made me curious what it was. Thanks to google, I found out that yuba means tofu skin. I’m not sure about other countries but tofu skin is a common ingredient in various Vietnamese cuisines. That was why instead of trying savory dishes with yuba, I went for a yuba ice-cream. It tasted…like tofu, no surprise~

Tofu skin ice-cream

Nikko was better than my expectation but I did not forget Kuroiso, a small town that none of my Japanese and foreign friends knew about. I got there around 6 to 6.30 pm… and there was absolutely no one on the street. I could not believe that this was also Japan. Although where I am staying is not a sleepless town like Shinjuku or Shibuya, there is no way it would be this quite after 6 o’clock.


I got a little scared after few minutes walk on a complete quiet street with no cars or people around, so I went into a nearby restaurant and had a delicious cream stew udon with seafood.


I think Kuroiso would have been better if I came there in the afternoon, but the town was quite beautiful.


That was my day in Nikko and Kuroiso.

See you next blog!


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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5 thoughts on “Nikko and Kuroiso trip

    1. Nikko is a very beautiful place. Hope you will make it to the Sakura season there! If you have any question about getting there feel free to ask me anytime!


      1. There are slight chances that sakura will still last until early (to mid) April in Tokyo region, but you can still view sakura up in the northern region like Hokkaido around mid April, check Japan-guide around that time to see which region still have sakura.
        The flood was pretty bad in Tochigi prefecture but lucky it was over!


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