Yokohama a must visit city

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Pic: By Suraz
Ferris Wheel and Land mark tower Yokohama

     Japan`s got one of the biggest mega city in the world namely Tokyo and also other big cities with sky scrapper and astonishing designed buildings. However, today I won`t be talking about Tokyo but, instead  will be talking on it`s rival city Yokohama. Yokohama is the second largest city after Tokyo by population and situated in Kanagawa prefecture. It is about 30-40 mins away by train from Tokyo station. If you own a JR pass(A special train pass for short time foreign traveler) while travelling to Japan then you can save some extra cash by using it. Yokohama is a magnificent city and carries its own legacy.My love for this city is immense and honestly speaking I love it more than Tokyo. It literally got everything that Tokyo has to offer from beautiful parks, port, sky scrappers, shopping mall and fancy diners. In spite of being here numerous time there is always something new to wonder around here as if its spell never fades away.

View from Minato mirai bay area

Speaking of Yokohama, I would chose Minatomirai in a heart beat over other sight seeing spots in Yokohama. First of all, Minatomirai is a seaside urban area in central Yokohama and it means “Port of the Future” in Japanese. You can take Minatomirai Line from Yokohama station and is less than 5 mins by train. As soon, you get off from the train and head toward the Minatomirai exit, you will come across a long escalator connecting the base and top of the station building.You can browse through different floors of the station consisting with shops and restaurant. Once you step out from the station you will soon be amazed by the urban landscape and lively ambiance of Minatomirai. Just across the street there is an amusement park called “Cosmo World” which consist a decent amount of rides and other fun spots such as ice world, haunted house and a giant Ferris wheel where you can take a memorial picture with your love ones. My personal favorite ride here is the vanishing roller coaster which is about less than a minute long. As soon you drop down you can feel the adrenaline rush in your belly and can`t help yourself from screaming till it`s over. Moving on, there are also other fun rides which are surely not to be missed.

Hikawa Maru at night time

If you walk further away from the Cosmo world following the oceanfront road that connects to Yamashita Park. The Yamashita Park is about 750 meters long and consist of green patches and benches to relax and view the beautiful scenery of Minatomirai. If you like skateboarding then you better get your deck with you so you can flash some of your cool tricks with fellow skaters at the park. There is a big ocean liner floating in the water near the promenade. The ship is called “Hikawa Maru”and is one of the popular attraction here. At night time the ship is lit up which looks stunningly beautiful. There is a firework festival every summer where people gathers in the park with friends and family while feasting on delicious food and drinks.

Whether it be shopping, date, hanging out with friends, dining or what ever the occasion is Yokohama always has something to offer. That`s why its charisma and popularity is growing bigger and bigger everyday. Finally, I would totally recommend to visit Yokohama while you are in Japan. If you have any question regarding Yokohama and Minatomirai please feel free to ask.

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Picture of Minatomirai Fireworks and Hikawa Maru!!!!

Firework at Minatomirai
Hikawa Maru

For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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