Samurai Museum

Hello everyone!

Some of you might remember that I wrote about Samurai training experience in one of my blog post awhile back. This time, I have an opportunity to visit this awesome Samurai museum in Shinjuku Kabukicho. I would like to share my experience with you.

What is Samurai? 

For many of you who watched “The last samurai” movie (starring Tom Cruise) might know what samurai is. For those who haven’t, let me explain to you.

Samurai, usually referred as Bushi in Japanese, were military nobility, a warrior, of medieval and early modernized Japan. Samurai typically associated with clan and their lord. Samurai population was estimated about 10% of Japanese population. During the meiji restoration period, Samurai right has been abolished and lead to the decline and the end of Samurai eventually. (Source: Encyclopedia)

Just like other warrier, they wear body armors. Here at Samurai museum, many samurai armors, weapons and other items are displayed.

Map to the museum <<Click!


Samurai Museum 

First floor exhibition 

Typically the armors are made for men height 150cm (Japanese men were that short then! I am suprised). Of course, there were taller men too so basically each armors were tailored made.

The armors were only used in the battle. It looks pretty heavy to me. How can they run away from the enemy in that suit, I am wondering.

As for the weapon, in 12th century, the most common weapon would be swards. There are 3 kinds of sward, long, normal length and short one.

Long sward – Ootachi

Normal length – Katana

Short – Tachi (popular in Kamakura period)

You can leave your belongings at the entrance. no need to carry your bag! 

Taking photos are allowed inside, only some painting are prohibited. 

Most of the armors are not a replica. It was used in the real battles hundreds of years ago!

2nd floor exhibition

How-to-wear the armors 

1 start with the shoes

2 pants

3 arm protector

4 body armors

5 shoulder armors

6. neck armors

7 wearing mask

8 put on the helmet


You can actually try on the costume for 500 yen only!

It was quite fun actually … and that helmet.. super heavy! 

Now some fun photo-shoot

An actual person wearing samurai armors! pretty cool right? 

I wouldn’t want to spoil the fun so if you have time, drop by at Samurai Museum. You won’t be disappointed.

Our Tokyo tourist information is selling tickets at very very special rate, 15% off.

Contact us to purchase at or contact one of your TIC in Tokyo. Address listed on the right of this page!

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Samurai museum


See you next blog!

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