White Sandy Shimoda Beach

View from Shimoda bay

As summer was dying fast and the chilly wind was crawling in, All i wanted was to go to the beach, enjoy the sun and bid farewell to summer.Therefore, me and my friends decided to go on a road trip for one last time to Shimoda beach, Izu.

Shimoda bay and Light house!

If you are not familiar with Shimoda beach or Izu let me clear it up for you. Shimoda beach is one of the popular white sandy beach situated in Izu Peninsula, Shizuoka Prefecture. Genrally, There are lots of dark sandy beach that Tokyo offers but if you want to enjoy the soft white sand, emerald blue water and tranquility then Shimoda is it. It is 3 hours away by train from Tokyo station.

locals enjoying BBQ and camping for the Night!

If you plan on going to Izu, I strongly recommend on going there by car. You can rent a car at Odawara station for roughly 6,000-8,000 yen and it is just 2-3 hrs drive depending on the traffic congestion. The view of the ocean on the way to Izu is really worth dying for. On a clear sunny day you can see several isles and even Mount Fuji.

So, let`s move on to my road trip adventure to Izu. We meet up at West Exit of Odawara station and took off in no time. We were 5 in total with 5 different Nationalities so I got a chance to practice my rusty Spanish with my Mexican friend . On the way, we stopped by the convenience store for a quick bite then continued our journey enjoying the beautiful view along the way. It took us about 2 hours and half to finally get there.Unfortunately, Shimoda beach was pretty crowded so we decided to go Tsumekizaki which is 15 mins away from Shimoda Beach.

Sunset over Izu sky!

Near the Shimoda bay entrance there is a parking lot that charge 500 yen for the whole day. In case of train you can take a bus from Shimoda station.There are few shops near by the parking lot that sells wasabi ice cream( Japanese Horse radish ice cream) which is pretty unusual flavor for an ice cream.

If you ask me how i find it, I would be honest here I really don`t know the correct words to describe the taste. You gotta try it and taste for yourself. Apart from wasabi ice cream they also offer some fresh lobster, sashimi bowl and ramen. One thing for sure the owner of the shop will light you up with her smile and short stories while dinning here. After the wasabi ice cream we wasted no time to take a dip in the water. The water was just about right since it was around the end of summer. There is a small grass field next to the beach where you can BBQ or Camping but in our case we just played soccer. After, soccer we took the stares connecting to the light house where we took some cool pictures of Izu peninsula. The sunset view from the Light house was mesmerizing which is not to be missed.

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For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact tic-tokyo@his-world.com or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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One thought on “White Sandy Shimoda Beach

  1. This seems like a very beautiful place but one should know that it is downstream from the infamous Hamaoka nuclear power plant (a very old and huge complex housing 5 reactors that suffered numerous “problems” until it was shut down in 2011; but is scheduled to restart, against the wishes of the local population, in 2017).

    This is absolutely heart-breaking.


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