Limited time food~ Autumn version

Japan is ‘limited time product’ country, especially when it comes to seasonal food and drink. Everyone is excited when a new product is out, but guess what, most people are more excited when those are only available for a limited time. The feel when you got something that might not be available ever again is really unique. If you are like me who is definitely go for anything that have the word ‘Limited-time only’, Japan is really hell and heaven to you.

Since autumn has started, let’s explore the wonderland of chestnut, sweet potatoes and pumpkin!

Japan starts to celebrate Halloween faster than any other countries in its own way. Food made of pumpkin is available in early October,

Orange pumpkin muffin
Orange pumpkin muffin

From limited time pumpkin flavor bread in bakery,

Pumpkin latte
Pumpkin latte

To pumpkin drinks from many cafe, and pumpkin confectioneries.
These products are in-store for approximately one month from the start till the end of October.

Next is my all time favorite, chestnut!


I love the sweetness, the pleasant texture and taste of chestnut so much that I never miss any single chestnut season back in Australia. Bring in back home bags of fresh chestnut from the market was one of my happiest thing. And I’m so happy that I can still enjoy that simple happiness here in Japan. I never hesitated to buy chestnut when I saw them in the supermarket, fresh or pre-made.

Boiled chestnut is so far the best cooking method in my opinion. All the good things of it remain and wait to be eaten!

You can easily find Mont Blanc in any patisseries but the variety of Mont Blanc is increased when autumn comes.

Mont Blanc

And last but not least, bring on the sweet potatoes!! Known for a uniquely sweet taste and starchy, sweet potatoes are also a very healthy vegetable. Traditionally, Japanese people used fallen leaves in the garden to grill sweet potatoes but many have switched to an oven lately. Nevertheless, they still stay the most delicious vegetable (to me), not to mention all these sweet potatoes desserts!

Sweet potatoes parfait
Sweet potatoes parfait
Sweet potatoes pancake
Sweet potatoes pancake

While some of these will be available next year autumn, many limited-time product in Japan only available in that year. So if you are travelling to Japan and spot any 期間限定 (limited time only) products, do not miss them or you would regret later on!

See you next blog!


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