Autumn activities in Japan

Of all 4 seasons, autumn is my most favorite season.

Why not spring when sakura is blossom? If you’ve my blog 5 things that surprised me about Japan, you will know that I have a severe pollen allergy in that season. I only enjoy one spring and after that every year has been a living hell for me.

Autumn or Aki (秋)in Japanese lasts for about 3 months from September – November. The most pleasant time to visit Japan in my opinion is in October. It rarely rains in October. The weather is really nice, not too hot or not too cold at all. You can still enjoy walking in the park  (Cosmos festival click!) or go hiking. You can visit theme park like disneyland or universal studio and this would be the best season!

Of course, no. 1 most popular activity to do is the red leaves viewing (Japanese maple is called momiji in Japanese). There are many places such as Lake Kawaguchiko, Nikko and Kyoto that are famous for momiji viewing. However, besides that, there are many more activities you can enjoy if you visit Japan in Autumn. I listed up a few that I think would be interesting for you.

1.digging digging digging

Sweet potato is one of autumn seasonal food. You will see many in supermarket and also at the restaurant even at convenience store (yaki imo – roasted sweet potato very very yummy and smell gooooood).

Digging sweet potatoes is fun activity to do with your family. Basically you get to dig sweet potatoes from the ground and bring home. I’ve participated in this activity before but one of my friend been to one last weekend and she had a great time. You might get a little dirty in the process but trust me you will have a lot of fun.


Also in this season, you can do some chestnut picking too. Chestnut or Kuri in Japanese, is another autumn food. Check out our blog >>> Autumn limited time food


To be honest with you, I have never seen chestnut on the tree before. I saw one in the photo and it looks pretty awesome. I think you will need to wear gloves for this activity. Again, very fun for people with kids!


2. Eat autumn food

Such as … Matsutake


Matsutake is (obviously) a kind of mushroom. Japanese people love them. Matsutake has a very distinct aroma. Mostly they are cooked with rice – matsutake gohan or grilled by charcoal such as one in this pic.

Caution : it’s very expensive!

Samma fish or pacific saury


This kind of fish is available all year round but believed to be best in autumn. The most common way of cooking would be grilled with salt but some people like it as a sashimi as well.

Grilled sunma with rice is sooo delicious. If you are in Japan in this season, don’t miss the chance to try.



Persimmons or Kaki in Japanese, is one of the most popular autumn fruit. You can find it at any supermarkets and only cost 80-120 yen/one. I personally liked dried persimmons than the fresh one.

3. Drink limited time drinks

We actually introduced quite a few coffee autumn limited in our blog before. If you haven’t read it, click here!

On the left we have green tea in autumn maples limited packaging and on the right is a mixed autumn fruits which are persimmons, pears, apples and grapes, juice.


Not only non-alcoholic drinks, autumn limited beer is also available.

Check out the list >> here

4. Of course, you will need to see red maple leaves!!!

Japanese autumn is so pretty.




I’d recommend these 2 tours for those who want to see autumn leaves in Japan.

1 day trip to Nikko; the beautiful view of red leaves!!

Departure date NOV 11

Kawaguchiko and Gotemba premium outlet 

Departure date NOV 20

Online reservation available!

see you next blog!


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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