KitchHike ~A journey to homemade Japanese cuisine and culture

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Hello everyone!

While food made in restaurants is very nice (or else they won’t be able to make money through it), but undoubtedly at some point, you will get sick of it. On the other hand, homemade food has a unique taste that sometime it might not be the most appetizing food out there, but you can eat it days after days and still eat it the next day. There must be some secret ingredients in those homemade dishes!

You can simply ask people around you to make you a meal or go to the kitchen yourself when you feel like some. However, what can you do if you were on a journey and suddenly longed for warm homemade food but did not know anyone there?

The answer is Kitch Hike!.


Kitch Hike (stands for Kitchen Hike) is a service offers a different way to enjoy local cuisines. Instead of a restaurant, you can go to someone’s house and eat freshly made food there. Kitch Hike works on a simple system. There are cook and hiker.


The cooks list their menu and price on the site for hikers to choose from. Scrolling through the available menus, hikers can choose the one they like the best, make a reservation and temporary payment, arrange day and time, go over the cooks’ house, have a nice homemade meal, and process final payment via paypal.


As there are many users from Japan, there are various dishes offered to hikers

From Japanese everyday home meals


To decorative sushi that looks too good to be eaten


Or fancy tapas


With this, not only you will be able to try unique taste of homemade Japanese food, but also be able to meet with local people, and have a fun dining experience with them. Many cooks actually want you to go shopping together, so that they can show you more about Japanese food and food culture. This will be a fun activity to do during your trip in Japan, no matter if you are a solo travel or with your friends and family! Head to Kitch Hike, find your favorite dishes, and enjoy Japanese food and omotenashi spirit (hospitality).

P/s: Kitch Hike is available all over the world so you can also try homemade foreign food in your country, or something from your culture while living in a foreign country.

Kitchhike in Tokyo 

Stay tuned for more updates from TIC blog about Kitch Hike!


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

TIC banner blog1



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