Cheap 2nd hand kimono

Hello everyone!

Do you know where you can buy/rent cheap 2nd hand kimono?


I have good news for you. Our Ginza core has started to sell 2nd hand kimono for the price of only 1,000 yen. Incredibly cheap!

2nd hand kimono will make a perfect gift for your friends/love ones at home.




Not only kimono, accessories are also available such as Geta, bags, hair pins etc.






If you don’t know how to wear it, not too worry, try our rental plan for only 2160 yen. You can choose your own kimono and obi, get dressed and walk around in ginza area. (no Geta)

Did I mention it’s just 2160 yen only? Yes, I did. So cheap!!





For those who like DIY, 2nd kimono can be used for many things.

One of my good friend used to buy these kimonos and made them into dresses, purses and even an apron for her little girl. The unique (and very oriental) pattern of kimono dress makes these items she made very very unique as well.

Check out this blogger,

An evening dress from an old kimono

How-to DIY old kimono into a new dress. I think it’s pretty awesome.

and our location?

Tokyo tourist information center Ginza Core Branch  5F  just a few mins walk from Metro ginza station





Map >> Ginza core 

Opening hours, everyday from 11.00-19.00


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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