Robot Restaurant

Robot restaurant is located in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, the entertainment and red light district of Tokyo. It’s a large area with restaurants, bars and night club. From Shinjuku, take the west exit and walk for about 5 mins.

As the end of Autumn is approaching, it’s getting so chilly in Tokyo these days.

Last year around this time, one of my very good friend from Singapore asked me if I would want to go to Robot restaurant with her. I have never heard of Robot restaurant before but it seems quite interesting. Although I wasn’t quite sure it was my ‘thing’ (well, it’s robot, it’s more guy things, no?), I said yes anyway.

Unfortunately, in the end we didn’t make it as my friend’s schedule was very tight that we couldn’t fit in the robot restaurant. This year, as I started working and found out that our Tourist information center is also selling this Robot restaurant ticket at a very discount price. Normally it costs 8,000 yen but at our TIC, it’s only 6,800 yen + one drink.

What’s a bargain!

If you don’t have a ticket, you can buy on the actual date before the show, 8,000 yen!

Ticket counter




Robot restaurant is located in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, the entertainment and red light district of Tokyo. It’s a large area with restaurants, bars and night club. From Shinjuku, take the west exit and walk for about 5 mins.

In my opinion, Robot restaurant is not an actual restaurant. It’s more like a show or theme night club. You can order food and drink, of course, but the main attraction is the show.

30 mins before show start, you can wait at the waiting room.

To be honest with you,, I think it’s kinda tacky… and so bright… everywhere

Waiting room

If you need to use the bathroom, you should go now. When the show starts, there is no time. There is a toilet break but it’s only a few mins between the shows and the toilet is extremely crowded.

Can you believe this is the stairs?


2 mins walk to the showroom was full of amazement, you will see why…



And this is where the audiences are seated. The show will happen at the center of the room.


I wasn’t going to buy anything. Just want to get one free drink (alcohol available too!) but the gentleman next to me had some popcorn so I want some too;)

300 yen only, yummmmm


Bento box, 1000 yen additional if you want one…

and that’s why it’s called Robot “restaurant” instead of robot “show”


The show is about 1.30 hrs. There are 4 shows totals. Each one last about 15 mins then there is a break time. You can use the toilet during this time while the casts are changing the costumes.

The first 2 shows were pretty laud and wild. Two gentlemen sat next to me seems enjoy but I personally like the last 2 shows. Each shows have theme which, according to Robot restaurant managers, change every month. So if you come again next month, there will be a new show, new costumes, new music. The casts are changing too. I think there are 3-4 teams total. Some of them has shows everyday some of them only few times a week.

IMG_1796 IMG_1794 IMG_1788 IMG_1786 IMG_1781 IMG_1780

Maybe you wonder where the robots are….

There they are!

By the way, these few photos are from professionals. I was not able to capture anything by my own camera at all because everything was happening quite simultaneously. All of my photos were blurred!

Personal advice, don’t worry too much about taking photos. Just enjoy the show. If you want, you can take a video clip.

OMG! I think I fall in love all over again. Dokidoko *** facepalm


and the show is over! love it!

If you didn’t have a meal, you can easily find something to eat in kabukicho. There are so many restaurants nearby which you could go to. Samurai museum is located nearby too (just 2 mins walk)

Available at TIC only! Best deal!!! 

Update April 1st, 2016 —-> price 6800yen/person with drink and 6500 yen without drink

Purchase at robot restaurant 8000yen/person


Robot restaurant  MAP click! 

Check out our video clip here;

Robot restaurant includes 1 drink>> Reservation Here!!

Robot restaurant + Samurai museum >> Reservation here!!

Robot restaurant + Thermae-Yu Hotspring  >> Reservation here!!

Robot restaurant + Samurai museum + Thermae-Yu Hotspring >> Reservation here!!

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