Data sims and Wifi router rental

Hi everyone!

In my previous blog, I have talked about internet access in Japan. As you already know, you cannot buy an outright sims card that allows you to make calls and sms.

However, if you are looking for a data-only sims card or a wifi router for rent, there is no better place than our Tourist Information Center (beside, who need to make normal call anymore when you have Facebook, LINE, Skype, WhatsApp or Viber). We offer the cheapest price for both of these services

Our data sims is LTE supported and are rechargeable.

100mb/ day, 7-day sims costs 2100yen

Japan travel sim

1GB, 30-day sims costs 2600 yen
2GB, 3-month sims costs 4000 yen

(price is subject to change, please contact us for inquiry)

With this sims, you can either throw it away or keep it as a souvenir from Japan once you finish using it!

Don’t worry about setting up your phone, as long as you have an unlocked phone, our staffs will take care of other businesses!!!
(Only nano and micro sims are available, so if your phone is using a normal size sims, please prepare a converter/ adapter kit)

Visit for more information.

If 2GB is not enough for you or you have multiple devices that require internet connection, we have pocket wifi (router) available for you! The quota is 7GB regardless how long you are going to rent it.

Pocket wifi or wifi router

1 day: 700 yen
3 days: 2,000 yen
5 days: 3,000 yen
1 week: 4,000 yen

Online Reservation! Click>>>

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hisgo bannner(EN)

If you need more information, please check out our website or visit us at every Tourist Information Center in Tokyo Click>>>. See you in the next blog, Stay Tuned!  tic-banner-blog1copryrighttic_blog



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