Interesting fact about Japan’s Escalator

I am from Southeast Asia country. In my country, people taking escalators in this way.


Ya it’s pretty much wherever you like.

But in Japan, you will be amazed once you saw the Japanese being so systematic.

There are 2 lanes. Which I like to named as ‘Fast Lane’ and ‘ Slow Lane’ .
You might be wondering what is the meaning of that right ? It is like the highway?

Yes ! Indeed like the highway.

Fast Lane : Use it when you are in a hurry,
Slow Lane : Slowly rest your feet, and scroll your smartphones? ;p

In Kanto, Hokkaido and most regions up north, the fast lane is on the right.


This is the slooooooow laneeeee…..

As in Kansai Regions, the fast lane is on the left.


This is the slooooow lane on the right !In Kansai Area!

I had used to the Kanto’s area escalator, when I go to Kansai Area, i often step on the wrong side of the escalator.
I even heard some locals saying ‘ this girl must be from Tokyo’.

Therefore if you wanna act like the locals, better remember the CORRECT LANE to ride on.

Hope you find this article useful and have a nice day ‘stalking’ our blogs


ps. note that sometimes even in Kansai, the fast lane is on the right at the major train stations (such as Umeda or Kyoto station). This is because there are many people from other regions especially Tokyo coming to these stations everyday and they use the escalator the way they are used to. So please look around if the person in front of you is taking the fast len on the right when you do the same!


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3 thoughts on “Interesting fact about Japan’s Escalator

  1. This escalator culture is so interesting !! I have never been to Kyoto or Kansai area but in Korea the fast lane is on the right too, i got confused sometimes and step on the wrong lane xD

    Thank you so much for sharing ❤


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