Autumn Leaves and Oyama

Once again it is that time of the year to enjoy the red and yellow colored leaves in awe.

In Japan, people cherish seasonal activities such as “Hanami” ( watching Cherry Blossom) in Spring,”Ajisai” (Hydrangea) (check our blog about Showa Memorial park Click!) and “Momiji” (colored leaves) in Autumn.

Personally, I am so moved by the Japanese culture and their perception on enjoying the seasonal activities that made me cherish all the beautiful things that last for a short span. Before coming to Japan, I have seen the Autumn leaves back home but never admired the beauty of it thoroughly even when I had all the time in the world. On the other hand, Japan being a fast paced country and still creating time out of their busy schedule to enjoy the seasonal activities is utterly fascinating.

Therefore, today I am going to introduce a beautiful hiking spot near Tokyo.526309_386144691462563_2095451246_n

First of all let me briefly tell you about “Oyama” and its location. It is situated near ishehara in Kanagawa prefecture and it stands 1,252 meters tall. It`s approximately 80 mins train ride from Shinjuku Station on Odakyu line.

Wanna save some bucks on train fare??

Hiking Trail!

Buy Tanazawa-Oyama Pass at Odakyu sightseeing center at Shinjuku station. This pass includes round ticket for train,bus and Oyama cable car. If you are returning to Shinjuku after the hike then it`s highly recommended!!

Oyama Shrine!

Oyama boast a wide variety of trees and plants. It makes the hike very thrilling because some of the trees here are very  unique and it`s a different kind of feeling when you are under the canopy. You can either start the hike from the base of Oyama or you can take the cable car that connects the base to the Oyama shrine. Either way you can enjoy the view of the beautiful colored leaves during Autumn and Cherry Blossom during spring. There are several beautiful shrines and Shinto monuments along the hiking trail. Honestly, I felt it was a tougher hike than Mt. Fuji even though Oyama is shorter height wise. However, I loved the Oyama hike more than Mt. Fuji mainly because of its different landscapes and beautiful scenery.

Colored Maple leaves near Oyama Shrine!

Speaking of Autumn leaves, Oyama is one of the most visited place for the colored leaves by both Japanese and Foreigners. During Autumn season, Oyama is covered with beautiful colored leaves which can be observed from its surrounding area.The best time to go here is during mid October and early November. However, the time of colored leaves may vary every year so, it`s better to look it up on the internet for the details. Beside colored leaves, Oyama offers a spectacular view of mount Fuji and Kanagawa prefecture and its surrounding from its summit. Furthermore, if you are lucky enough you can encounter some wild deer during the hike. I highly recommend Oyama to anyone not only for the colored leaves but for its beautiful hiking trail and its spectacular view.

Wild deer!
more deers!

See you next blog!


For optional tour reservation and inquiry, please contact or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

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