Ramen experience at Ramen Dining Jingu

Hello everyone!

Our ramen experience tour location has changed from Ramen Tsukemen Roku to new location in Harajuku.

Map Ramen dining Jingu

The menu is also renewed! This new ramen is beef-based topped with roasted beef. The broth is made of cow bone, pork bone and chicken. I’ve tried it,,,, so yummy ❤

This is new location, Ramen dining Jingu



IMG_2588 IMG_2591 IMG_2592

If you are regular customer, please choose the ramen and buy tickets from this machine.


But today we will be doing the new ramen experience.


Hand on your original ramen!

First, see the demonstration and explanation of ramen ingredients

2nd, try making your own ramen from boil the noodle, add the broth and finally decorating your own style ramen

These are the toppings


with names in English of course so if you are allergic to something, you can choose not to add them in your ramen


Now, demonstration time!


Soup is made of cow bone, pig bone and chicken, boiled for 12-14 hours.


Preparing seasoning, shoyu or soy sauce and some cow oil


Next, preparing the noodle

Use your finger to separate the noodle first. After you put it in hot water, use chopsticks to mix the noodle so it won’t stick. Boil the noodle for 30 seconds.


While you are waiting, add the soup in the ramen bowl


and then noodle


First topping, roasted pork (you get to use the burner too, quite awesome)


the other toppings as you like


Now it’s our turn!


Simply stir the noodle once or twice to make sure they won’t lump together.


Draining the noodle was the most interesting but also the most difficult step. Holding the wooden colander and draining out water made you feel like a real chef!

Noodle and broth are ready 🙂


Topping time.


Before putting other toppings on, you will get to grill your own chashu pork. If you hadn’t use a burner before, this will definitely a thrilling experience!



Ramen dining Jingu is only about 2 mins walk from Metro station Meiji jingu mae and only 5 mins walk from Harajuku station. It’s much more convenient comparing to our previous location and the ramen is absolutely heaven guaranteed by 3.5 stars on Tabelog, famous food review website in Japan.

For reservation and inquiry, please contact tic-tokyo@his-world.com or visit one of our Tourist information center in Tokyo.

Tour price : 2500 yen/person

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Make Reservation Here!!!


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