Autumn in Mount Takao

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Japan has so many interesting place to visit during the Autumn. There is so many spot that will give you magnificent scenery in Tokyo. Here is my favorite spot!


This is Mount Takao in Hachioji, Tokyo! You can get to this place by train, less than 1 hour from Shinjuku Station!

This mountain is easy to climb. This mountain’s heights is about 550 meters and take 1 hour and half to climb until the top. No need mountaineering stuff like an expert, just bring some warm clothes, sport shoes and rucksack to put water and food inside. So many people will come to climb, especially in weekend. Please check Takao Guide for for your reference.


The best time to see colorful leaves of Takao Mount is in last week of November

Why do I love Mount Takao? 

I could say I love Mount Takao. I have been there like six times in this two years! It never bored me.

The atmosphere, easiness of access, food, facility and scenery makes me want to visit it more and more…

First, the access to go there is so easy. From Shinjuku Station, take Keio Line for Takaosanguchi. If you are a JR Rail Pass holder, you can take JR Chuo Special Rapid Service  for Takao, then transfer to Keio Takao Line for Takaosanguchi. It takes 45-50 minutes to get there.


Takaosanguchi Station

The access to go to the top of mountain is easy as well. You have two another option beside hiking.

  1. By Cable Car. Travel time approx. 6 minutes. Click Here for ticket fare.


2. By Chair Lift. Travel time approx. 15 minutes. Click Here for ticket fare.


Adrenaline Rush!


The tracks is friendly for non expert climber

Second, I love the scenery. Do you like photography? This place is photogenic. Check this out!


The color of maple leaves turned into red. We called it “Momiji” in Japanese.

IMG_7773 (1)FB_IMG_1447052443035

sunset is coming


People try to catch this beautiful moment. Mount Fuji also can be seen from here! This scenery is famous as Diamond Fuji.



Landscape of Tokyo from the top of Mount Takao




Some temple we can visit during hiking

Third, the food! If you don’t want to bring your own lunch because maybe you think it will be troublesome to bring some food inside you rucksack, don’t worry! There are some restaurant with udon menus. But let me show you my favorite signature food of Mount Takao.


Sweet Potato flavored soft cream. I called it happy tongue soft cream because it was so delicious!


Yaki-Dango or Grilled-Dango. Buy them and you will get a cup of hot green tea for free!

Fourth, the atmosphere. Mount Takao is not just about climbing stuff. There are annual events held throughout the year such as festivals and traditional performances. Here some of them!


Japanese Puppet Show


an awesome performance by some men wearing scary mask

Please check the schedule of annual event here.

Happy Traveling!

See you in the next blog!

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