Shibuya Tourist Information Center Grand opening!

Shibuya, Tokyo’s 1 of 23 wards, is probably one of the most well-known and vibrant area. It’s a center for youth fashion and culture. It is also a home of Hachiko, the world’s famous loyal Akita dog that waited for the owner even after the owner passed away. The famous Shibuya crossing attract so many visitors everyday. If you haven’t been to Shibuya, you haven’t been to Tokyo yet!


Hachiko statue in front of Shibuya station



Shibuya scramble crossing



Our new Tourist information center is opened in Shibuya. Just a few mins walk from Shibuya scramble crossing.

MAP >>>>

Right here at Modi! B1 floor



Walk down to B1 floor, you will see our TIC!



H.I.S. Shibuya main store



Welcome to Shibuya TIC!



Our newly opened branch in Shibuya is very spacious. The best part is, there is a coffee shop “Sarutahiko Coffee” inside our store! You can come here to spend time even if you don’t plan to buy any travel product.

The coffee is delicious!





our guest of honors in opening day!


Not only the samurai… we have another guest!


We have multi-lingual staffs available everyday. Please feel free to drop by at our information center.



Special campaign now! 4 days only from 19th-22nd Nov

Visit your store, share photos on SNS with hashtag #HIS, get these really cool  Nunettes sunglasses for free and have a chance to win a trip to Guam!




that’s my version #HIS




Our service

  • Ticket/hotel reservation
  • Optional tour reservation (robot restaurant, Samurai training, Ramen experience, Cat cafe ticket, Lolita experience, one day Fuji-Hakone tour and many more!
  • Pocket-wifi rental
  • Subway pass
  • Data sim
  • Luggage storage
  • Currency exchange
  • ATM
  • many more

Contact us at for online reservation!


Our store on the grand opening day.


If you come by, please don’t forget hashtag #HIS

Looking forward to seeing you all soooooooon <3<3<3


Contact Tokyo tourist information center for tour reservation, pocket wifi rental, hotel/flight reservation at

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