Dressing in Kimono, strolling in Asakusa [part I]

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If you like one of those thing, you will enjoy today’s blog.

  1. Love Japan
  2. Love Japanese kimono
  3. Love taking photos
  4. Love Japanese temples
  5. Love shopping
  6. Love yummy sweets

When thinking about traditional Japan in Tokyo, people often think of Asakusa area. Why? Because of the famous Sensoji temple and landmark like Kaminari mon.


Kimono rental can be found anywhere not limited to just Asakusa but in this area there are more options available. TIC blog covered the story about wearing Furisode “long sleeves kimono”. This time, we will cover the casual and more common type of kimono.

Nana-iro is the kimono rental and photo studio, located right opposite the famous Kaminari mon of Asakusa. You can’t miss this 8-storey colorful building.



Decoration inside also quite colorful too.


Staffs at Nana-iro gave us a small tour in their building.


Each floor has different themes.

First, sign up at the reception, choose your plan and staff will take you to the changing area.

Today my friend and I chose the 6,000 yen plan which is the cheapest one. This price includes complete set of kimono rental, geta (wooden slipper) and a bag. If you want to have make up and hairdo, you can choose with additional cost.

Photo studios


many colorful kimonos


Oiran (sexy kimono) shooting area


What is Oiran? this is Oiran! (photo courtesy of Nana-iro studio)

กิโมโนสวยๆ ถ่ายรูปที่วัดอาซาคุสะแบบใสๆ

Not bad huh?


For guys, there is a Samurai of Ninja option available too! * Courtesy of Nana-iro studio

กิโมโนสวยๆ ถ่ายรูปที่วัดอาซาคุสะแบบใสๆ

Now that we take a look of the whole building, we were escorted to 2nd floor which is the dressing area for female kimono. Since there were some other customers there at the time, I am not allowed to take any photos.

(Japanese people think about everything very carefully, I am deeply impressed! – Imagine if it were you changing, you wouldn’t want people to take your private picture right? intentionally or not.)

So we waited until the other customers leave until our turn to get changed.

This is a child Geta (slipper), soooo cute!


Male kimono, obviously darker colors comparing to female’s


Dressing room


Now, we choose the kimono


Then choose the Obi


Then the Geta (slipper)


Now the heavy part, wearing the kimono





I wonder why we need so many towels wrapping around the waist area. Our kimono sensei explained that, woman must not show their shapes wearing kimono so the tower is used to make our body looks straight. If you have big booty, it’s a big problem lol.

Wearing the Obi, and we are good to go!


Finished look



It’s my turn to get dressed now.


(Today two of us actually came to this kimono experience but as I am the photographer, there were very few photos of me!)


Very simple hair-do


Please note that you need to have at least 1.5 hours if you want to dress up in kimono and walk around in Asakusa Many of our fans are in Tokyo on a group tour and your schedule is not quite flexible. Check with your tour operator before you make a reservation.


Wearing the Obi

Now we are ready to hit Asakusa and take some photos! Stay tuned until the next blog!


Kimono rental at Studio Nana-iro

Price : from 6,000yen

Make Reservation Here!!!

Contact Tokyo tourist information center for tour reservation, pocket wifi rental, hotel/flight reservation at tic-tokyo@his-world.com

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7 thoughts on “Dressing in Kimono, strolling in Asakusa [part I]

  1. Hi, sounds like an amazing experience. My friend and I are planning to go to Japan in a few months and this just might be on our to-do list. So after they dressed you, you just have a chance to walk around town in kimono? How long did it take to dress in kimono? Thanks!


    1. it doesn’t take that long just 30 mins in my case but depends how many people are there at that moment. you should make a reservation;)


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